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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C19

C19: The Goblin Treasure (5)


“Mmm, mmm, mmm…”

“Gold feather slash!”

“Water Formation!”

The adventurers who rushed into the village fought hard, even though they were surrounded by goblins.

“Damn, damn, there’s no end to them! I can’t believe we’re being pushed…!”

The leader of the “Golden Sword” party, who had been so strong until a few minutes ago, shouted in frustration as the goblins attacked without a moment’s rest.

“I told you so! Prepare to withdraw…”

“Not yet! There must be a boss in this village! If we defeat him…”

Mertina warned him, but like a child who doesn’t know any better, Leon forcefully waded through the goblins and made his way deeper into the village.

“Damn it! We have no choice! Let’s follow the leader!”

The black-armored adventurer followed Leon with the members of his party in tow.

“I’m…going too…”

“Hey, Lime! I don’t have a choice!”

The three members of the Silverwing also followed, with Lime leading the way. As they advanced to the center of the village, the Golden Sword Party was already engaged in a fierce battle.

“Damn…you must be the goblin boss!”

“Gagga, human, kill.”

“No! You monsters shouldn’t speak human language! I’ll kill you myself!”

The adventurers of Gold Sword were fighting against a figure that did not look like a goblin at all. He was nearly two meters tall and had a huge body. The monster was equipped with a large sword and iron armor that he had taken from an adventurer.

“Goblin General…!”

Lime grits her teeth and calls out the name. The girl, who usually doesn’t show her emotions, is unusually agitated now.

“Wait! Lime!”

Mertina grabbed the girl’s shoulder and held her back as she was about to attack the Goblin General.

“Let me go.”

“If you intervene now, you’ll just get in the way!”

“Lime! For God’s sake, calm down!”


Not only Mertina, but Katie also held back Lime. Leon and the rest of the “Golden Sword” party were struggling, but they were working together to face the general. If Lime were to intervene in such a situation, their coordination would collapse.

“…Okay. If they’re hurt, I’ll go…”

“As soon as they’re in danger, I’ll use the return scroll.”


Lime nodded, although she looked somewhat dissatisfied. While looking at her with concern, Mertina and Katie were wary of their surroundings. Fortunately, the battle was quickly settled.

“Come on! Final Ultimate Golden Slash —–!”

Leon swung his sword down from the highest level. From the tip of the sword, Leon’s full magical power was released in a golden shockwave that engulfed the goblin general.


The armor that the goblin general was wearing shattered, and his huge green body was sliced in half.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha… ha, ha, ha! Look at that! I’ve won! After all, a goblin general is only a goblin in my hands…”

Leon shouted happily, but couldn’t finish the sentence.



Suddenly, something that looked like a log flew out and hit Leon in the torso. The golden-armored warrior was blown away.

“Goblin General! I can’t believe there’s another one!”

A second goblin general appeared from the depths of the settlement and stood in front of the adventurers.

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  1. NakraL

    If there’s more than one general there’s supposed to be a higher existence/ruler right?
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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