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I was sold at the lowest price C82

I was sold at the lowest price C82: The Crown Prince and the Lord


We went back to the palace and visited Linnecarlo right away.

“That was quick. So how did it go?”

“No problem, I made Duke Hormel promise to vote for Yudin.”

“Well, thank you for your efforts, we have been successful in persuading the two dukes, we just have to wait for the voting day.”

“So, Linnecarlo, I need a favor.”

“You want me to do something for you? Okay, go ahead, say it.”

“There’s someone who wants to talk to Yudin. Can you do that for me?”

“Who is it? I can’t let strange people get too close to the Crown Prince.”

“No, the person I’m talking to is probably someone Linnecarlo knows, I don’t think he’s a bad guy, and it’s something that could benefit our interests.”

“……If you insist, I’ll at least give him a chance to talk, but who is he?”

“I can’t tell you that because he asked me to keep quiet until he can meet Yudin.”

“All right, I’ll trust you guys. So where should I bring Yudin?”

“He’s waiting at our ride carrier, so bring Yudin there, but he wants us to be very discreet.”

“All right, then, I will visit the ride carrier with Yudin this evening.”

Now it looks like we can fulfill our promise to Theseus. I don’t know what they’ll say to each other, but it will happen.

That evening, as promised, Linnecarlo and Yudin came to visit the ride carrier. Arthur was asked to stay at the ride carrier with Theseus until then, as we didn’t want him to do anything unnecessary.

“So it was you.”

“Long time no see, Princess Linnecarlo, and Crown Prince Yudin.”

“Lord Theseus, I had no idea you were waiting for me.”

“Prince Yudin, thank you for coming.”

“So, Theseus, why did you want to meet Yudin?”

Linnecarlo suddenly got to the point.

“I have a favor to ask of Prince Yudin.”

“Please……is there anything I can do for Lord Theseus now?”

“It’s not you now, it’s you as the king.”

“The son of Duke Caron……no, I don’t think that’s what Prince Mushym’s brother-in-law should say…….”

“My request is for a uniform tax rate for all of Meltaria and a ban on the persecution of the citizens.”

“I’ve heard that some nobles treat their people very badly.”

“Yes, Duke Holomel’s domain is particularly harsh, with an 80% tax rate, an obligation to provide free services to Duke Holomel, and a ban on travel to other territories……This is unacceptable.”

“But……why do you want me to do that, I think you could tell Prince Mushym.”

“Do you think the Mushym will agree to this proposal?”

“That’s true, my brother doesn’t have a heart for the people…….I understand. When I become king, I promise to set a uniform tax rate and issue a decree prohibiting the persecution of the people.”

“Thank you! Now I can comfortably persuade my father.”

“What do you mean by “persuade”?……”

“I will persuade my father that his vote should go to Prince Yudin.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for, but is it……okay?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, I’d like you to be my king.”

The secret meeting between the Crown Prince and Lord Theseus seemed to end on a mutually satisfactory note. Lord Theseus had to go back home again to persuade his father, Duke Caron.

“You’ve done well to get not only Duke Holomel’s vote, but also Duke Caron’s vote.”

“Haha, I appreciate the compliment!”

“Arthur, I’m not talking to you, Yuta, no, the Iron Knights, you’ve done well.”

“Don’t you get a bonus or something? I’d be happier with that than with words.”

Jean replied to Linnecarlo.

“I’ll think about it once Yudin is safely on the throne.”

Thus, Yudin was one step ahead in the voting for the throne, and all that was left was to wait for the results on the day of the vote – I hope everything will go well.

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