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I was sold at the lowest price C83

I was sold at the lowest price C83: Enemy Attack / Nagisa


During the signing of the alliance, King Emou and King Majni argued quite fiercely, but Ranelle’s words, “Good adults don’t fight like children,” calmed them down, and the agreement was successfully signed.

“I didn’t expect that bigot to agree to an alliance with Amuria.”

“It’s all thanks to Nagisa. You should thank her, father.”

“Thank you, Nagisa.”

“No, I didn’t……”

“I think the Eastern Alliance will be safe now.”

“But King Emou said that there are countries within the Eastern Alliance that are betraying it, so I don’t think we can rest easy.”

“The countries that are betraying us…….What’s in it for them?…..I’ll talk to Lord Beda when I get back.”

We were returning home to Amuria, and on the way, deep in the mountains, it happened.

“Enemy attack! Unidentified magicrafts are approaching!”

A soldier on guard duty warned loudly.

“The enemy attacked…..this is the Eastern Alliance’s sphere of influence! What country are the magicrafts from?”

“There are no national markings, so we don’t know their affiliation! The enemy number is around 20!”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. We’ll intercept them! Nagisa, I’m sorry, but this is going to be your first mission.”

“No way…….”

I never thought I’d really have to fight…….I don’t want a war…….Yuta……What should I do?……

“We already have Lasbella, Idante, and Basim ready to go!”

“What happened to Leir?”

“Sorry, he is still recovering.”

“Sorry, Nagisa, I don’t think I’ll be able to join you for your first battle, so stay close to Jihad and Delphine.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Me, Jihad and Delphine set off as soon as the hatch of the ride carrier opened.

“They’re around 20, quite a few more than us, so we’ll have to stick together as much as possible.”

Jihad said, and Delphine and I agreed.

“Here they come! Be careful Nagisa.”

The first to attack us was a five-machine unit, all five equipped with swords and shields. The weapon of Jihad’s magicraft, Idante, was a longsword, which he used to pierce the enemy that was charging at him. The enemy magicraft blocked Jihad’s attack with its shield and responded with its sword.

The weapon of Delphine’s magicraft, Basim, was a large axe, which was swung wide and struck the enemy machine from above. The enemy magicraft blocked the powerful attack by raising its shield, but the force of the attack was so strong that it collapsed, breaking both knees. Against the collapsed enemy, Delphine swung his axe like a baseball bat at its neck, the enemy collapsed on the spot.

Two enemy magicrafts were coming at me…


Jihad and Delphine warned me to be careful, but they were stuck fighting the enemy. I guess I’ll have to fight now. I remembered the training at the dojo – the aikido that my father had taught me since I was a child – he was a dedicated instructor and was relentless with his daughter, and thanks to him, I have grown to the level of 5th dan at this age.

They are slow, compared to my father’s movements in practice, they are as different as a turtle and a swallow, I can avoid their attacks if I concentrate. I twisted my body to avoid the enemy that attacked me with a sword, and using the momentum of the opponent, I put my hand on his neck and slammed him straight into the ground.

In aikido practice, you take down the opponent in a way that makes it easy for you to catch him so that he doesn’t get hurt, but since I struck him at a time when the fall will deal damage, the enemy plane stopped moving, spewing smoke from its body.

With a fluid motion, I avoided the other enemy’s attack, took its arm, spun it around, and used the momentum to strike it in the head with my elbow. With the added force of the rotation, the enemy magicraft head was blown off in a cruel manner.

“Amazing Nagisa!”

Jihad marvels at the way I fight.

“Jihad, the next enemy is coming!”

Delphine warned Jihad, who was in a daze.

It seems that the enemy’s main force is next, and there are more than ten magicrafts. I pull out the sword on my waist and hold my body still in a medium stance.

“Jihad, Delphine, stand back.”

Thinking it would be difficult to move with my allies, I ordered them to move back. The enemy attacked my Lasbella.

Aikido is not widely known, but there are a number of techniques that use weapons, and I am particularly good at taijutsu, and even my father, who is very strict with me, has agreed that I’m stronger than him when it comes to taijutsu alone.

I close my eyes and calm my mind……I sharpen my awareness and focus on the enemy attacks – I wonder why……It’s easier to focus when I’m inside Lasbella……My consciousness is moving more and more towards the core of my mind…… It feels good……I feel like I’m floating.

“What the hell! There’s a blue-white aura coming from Lasbella…….Hey, Delphine, what’s that?”

“I don’t know either…….”

I could hear their conversation, but I didn’t care – I was already in a kind of zone. My body reacted on its own to the enemy attacking all at once, and with surprising speed, I was able to counter precisely.

One, two, three……one hit to destroy a magicraft…four, five, six……I didn’t have to think about anything, something inside me was taking out the enemy on its own……Seven, eight, nine……the enemy’s attack stopped there.

I saw that the rest of the enemy planes were fleeing in the direction they came from…

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