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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C22

C22: The Goblin Treasure (8)


Five years ago, when Lime was only ten years old. At that time, Lime was living in a small village in the countryside. Surrounded by her father, mother, and kind sister, she was living a poor but happy life.

However, this happy life suddenly fell apart when a swarm of goblins attacked the village.

“Elma! Take Lime and run!”

Her father’s angry voice rang out. Her father and mother stayed behind in the village to let her and her sister escape, and set fire to stall the goblins.



While running away, Lime tangled her legs and fell down. In order to save her, her sister also stopped in her tracks and one of the goblins pounced on her.



A goblin the size of a human adult, Lime would later learn that it was a demon called a hobgoblin.


“Lime, get out of here…now.”

Lime’s body froze at the sight of his sister being pushed down by the hobgoblin and having her body munched on.

“Run, run, run!”


Lime’s body starts to move in response to her quiet sister’s yell. She turned her back to her sister, who fell to the ground, and started to run.

“I’m sorry…sister…”

She turned around and looked over her shoulder to see her sister. The goblin climbed on her sister and violated her body. His skin was fiery red.



Lime was awakened by a woman’s scream. Looking around hurriedly, she saw hell spread out before her.

“No! No! No, no, no, no!”

The place was a goblin spawning ground. A large number of naked women were tied up with ivy. The green-skinned goblins took turns raping them.

Among the women being raped by the goblins were not only the women of the village that had been attacked, but also an adventurer who had entered the forest through a different route than Lime.

“It’s awful. It’s… it’s too much.”

“Oh, what’s so awful about it? Human.”


As Lime was stunned by the sight, a voice called out to her from behind. She turned around hurriedly and saw the figure of her hated enemy.


The goblin that raped and killed her sister was right in front of her. Lime tried to attack him, but before she knew it, her body was tied up as well, and she was unable to move.

The red goblin sneers at Lime as she struggles to break free of her restraints. The red goblin’s face twists into a grimace as he speaks fluent human language.

“You…why do you speak human…”

“You think a goblin can’t understand human language? How dare you, when you are nothing more than a sack of meat to be devoured by us?”

“Answer me…!”

“Hmm, okay, okay.”

When Lime asked again, the red goblin took off his animal skin jacket to expose his chest. On the exposed chest of the red goblin, there was a green gem embedded.


“This is the treasure of the demon tribe, the Evolution Stone. It’s a stone of the king that promotes the evolution of demons and brings prosperity!”

The red goblin said proudly and smiled.

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