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I was sold at the lowest price C84

I was sold at the lowest price C84: Voting for the Succession to the Throne


It was finally time to vote for the succession to the throne. Me, Alana, and Jean accompany Linnecarlo under the name of royal guards. In addition to the voters, about ten other important people from the country were present in the throne vote as witnesses.

“Duke Caron hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s time, let’s start the voting.”

The Prime Minister, Brom, who was in charge of the place, said so.

“We can wait until everyone is present.”

Linnecarlo protests, hoping for the Duke Caron’s vote since the appointment with Theseus.

“I didn’t say anything about invalidating Duke Caron’s vote, we’ll let him vote if he comes later, so let’s start already.”

He doesn’t seem to be saying that he’s going to invalidate Duke Caron’s vote because he’s certain of his father-in-law’s vote.

“Okay, that’s good, let’s get started.”

The voting was to proceed in turn by placing a card with the name of the voter under the card with the names of Yudin and Mushym. The first to vote was the second prince, Bildello.

“We don’t need a poor king like Yudin! What this country needs from now on is an absolute ruler, and I’m voting for Mushym!”

Then he laid out his card underneath Mushym’s name.

The next person to vote was the first princess, Rhydiria, who I think was the older sister of Linnecarlo, but she didn’t look like her at all, she was a mature woman with a clean and mature look. When she came in front of the names, she said,

“I nominate a king who will bring peace to the land, and Yudin will be the next king.”

As she says this, she slowly places her card under Yudin’s name.

The second princess, Lindale, was next to step forward, and she walked to the names with a goofy smile on her face.

“I want freedom, I want a good life, and I don’t want to be in a country ruled by Yudin because it looks too stuffy, so I’m going to vote for Mushym.”

As she said this, she roughly placed her own card under Mushym’s name.

It was Linnecarlo’s turn to speak.

“Mushym has no heart. We need someone who can understand the feelings of the people to rule the country! I’m voting for Yudin.”

Then she placed her own card under Yudin’s.

The turn of events so far was as expected, and both Mushym and Linnecarlo looked relaxed.

From here, the dukes voted, and Brom, the vizier, stepped forward first.

“I will cast my vote. I believe that in order to develop into a strong nation and a larger country, we need a strong leader, and I believe that Prince Mushym is the best choice for king.”

Then he placed his own card under Mushym’s name.

Duke Leydemarte steps forward, followed by Prime Minister Brom.

“I had a hard time deciding which candidate to vote for, but I think Prince Yudin’s personality is more suitable to be the king.”

Duke Leydemarte was apparently close to neutral, and he placed his own bill under Yudin’s name, aware of the……stare that Mushym was giving him.

Duke Leydemarte stepped back, and Duke Barelma stepped forward.

“I believe that the Crown Prince should be the heir to the throne, so I will cast my vote for Prince Yudin.”

He proudly placed his card under Yudin’s name. With this, there are four votes in favor of Crown Prince Yudin. The remaining two are the Duke Holomel and Duke Caron, both of whom are likely to vote for us, so victory is in sight.

The Duke Holomel stepped forward with a grin. The moment I saw his face, I had a bad feeling…….Maybe that money-grubbing guy was thinking of something strange…….

“After much deliberation, I have decided that the king should be the one who will make the country prosperous, and his name is Mushym, not Yudin, so I will vote for Prince Mushym.”

I knew it. He betrayed us at the last minute…….Linnecarlo and Arthur are also looking reluctant…….Oh no, the votes are tied, the only one left is Duke Caron, but……I hope Theseus was able to convince him……

“Hahahahaha! I think we have a winner! I’m the next king!”

Mushym declares this with a loud laugh.

“Duke Caron’s vote hasn’t been cast yet!”

“Huh, it’s already decided, Duke Caron has already promised to vote for me.”

“Maybe, but he might change his mind at the last minute!”

“You know the Duke Caron’s character, he’s a man who always keeps his promises, no matter what, he’ll vote for me!”

Sure, I’d only met him once, but he didn’t seem like someone who would break a promise…….This seemed to be difficult, no matter how much Theseus tried to convince him…….

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  1. abandonship

    It would be very much like real life to have that guy cast his vote for Mushy. Corrupt people historically vote for what is best for themselves and not for what is best for vague ideas such as the good of the Country or the good of the People.

  2. Of course. “Deal? What deal? You just cleared up the bandits threatening the kingdom.” And the mindset of: “Guhehehe, now I can freely pursue more money without those headaches around by being corrupt under the idiot as king”

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