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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C24

C24: The Goblin Treasure (10)


“Kill him! Kill that man!”


With the angry shouts of the Goblin Lord, the goblins rushed towards Phantom Thief Shadow.

“Fourth Rank Magic [Wind and Dust Dance].”

Shadow quickly activates his magic. A tremendous storm blows around the silver-masked figure.


The goblins were caught in the storm, blown away and cut in pieces by the blades of the wind.

” Die, human, die, die!”

Breaking through the storm by force, the goblin general swung his great sword at Shadow. Unable to react to the attack from behind, Shadow’s body was cut in two. However—

“Original Magic [The Thief].”


Shadow was cut in two by the large sword, but his figure disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

“He’s gone!”

“I’m the one, who can use all the magic in this world due to my cheat ability, but this magic is not something I learned through cheats, it’s my original. Enjoy it to the fullest.”

Shadow appeared behind the goblin general. He pierced the general’s heart with an ice spear that he produced using magic.


“First one. And then…”

Once again, Shadow’s body turns into black smoke. He appears next to the other goblin general and puts his hand on the green torso.



A pillar of flame engulfs the second goblin general. Swallowed by the flames, the general is quickly transformed into a lump of charcoal.


Lime muttered in dismay. In the blink of an eye, he had killed two of the goblin generals that she had struggled with so much. He looked like a hero from a fairy tale.

He turned into smoke and disappeared, then appeared again and again. Repeating this process, Shadow slaughtered the goblins one after another.

“That’s absurd! I’ve created an army of goblins!”

It was the Goblin Lord who became alarmed when he saw the scene. His people, who he had bred and evolved using the ” Stone of Evolution,” were being destroyed by a single man. It was a nightmarish scene.

If this continues, I’ll…!

Although the Lord was more powerful than the Goblin General, he was not confident that he could win against the man in front of him. He didn’t even feel like he could escape.

“If this happens…”

The goblin lord saw Lime sitting on the ground. The girl, whose clothes had been torn off by the Lord and was now half naked, was staring at the Shadow’s figure without looking away. The Goblin Lord reached out his hand towards Lime.

“What the…?”

“Hey, you! Don’t move! You don’t care what happens to this woman?”

With his remaining left arm, he lifted Lime’s body and tightened his grip on her neck.

“I guess all bad guys in a corner do the same thing.”

“Shut up! What do you know? I have to survive and create a goblin kingdom!”

The goblin shouted at the dumbfounded Shadow.

“We goblins are treated as vermin and exterminated by you humans just for being alive! What’s wrong with eating people to survive? What’s wrong with raping women in order to preserve the species? We have the right to live too! I’m not doing anything wrong!”

It was the voice of all the goblins, the cry of their souls. This is a familiar story in a fantasy world. Goblins are easily killed in the early stages of leveling up. These monsters are ugly to look at and never receive any reward. But this was a cry from their hearts.

“I don’t care.”

However, Shadow easily cut off the cry of his soul.

“I’m not a hero. I’m just a thief, a dirty little scoundrel like you. I don’t care how difficult it is to save your species.”

Shadow’s figure disappears and appears before the Goblin Lord and Lime.


“I just steal what I want. That’s all for today.”

“What the…?”

Shadow thrust the ice spear into Lime’s chest. It pierced through her bare chest, stabbing the goblin lord behind her along with it.


“The Stone of Evolution. I’ll receive it.”

The magic stone on the goblin lord’s chest was pierced by the ice spear and shattered. Watching this, Shadow pulled out his spear.


Lime kneeled down on the spot. There was not a scratch on her white chest.

“This is a magic that allows the user to pass through any object by displacing the strength of their own being. You can pass through enemy attacks and through walls. This is the best magic I’ve created to live as me. Don’t take it personally.”


Lime knew that the man in front of him saved my life. She reached out her hand to Shadow to say thank you, but he blocked her with his palm.

“Whoa, it’s too early to thank me…it’s still alive.”


When Lime turned around in a panic, the red-skinned goblin was twitching and wiggling while lying on its back on the ground.



At the sight of the goblin coughing up blood along with his delirious words Lime took her sword and stood beside him.

“Let me…let me…”


Without answering, Lime swung her sword at the goblin lord.

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  1. The Bread

    From a fairy tale? Masked, him arm penetrating a giant goblins chest? What fairy tale did she read? Goblin Slayer?

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