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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C25

C25: The Goblin Treasure (end)


After that, reinforcements sent from the adventurer’s guild rushed into the goblin village as Shadow raised a grand fire. Upon receiving the report of the Silverwing Maidens who had returned back to the city with the scroll, the adventurer’s guild in the royal capital immediately asked the guilds in other towns to support them.

“Class up. Congrats, man.”

One week later. Kagehiko had received a new tag at the Adventurer’s Guild. This time, the tag was not iron, but bronze.

This battle with the goblins resulted in the deaths of many Bronze and Iron rank adventurers. This left the guild in the royal capital with a major shortage of talent, and all surviving Iron adventurers, including Kagehiko, were promoted to Bronze.

For Kagehiko, being an adventurer is a temporary occupation to hide his night job. Even so, he doesn’t feel bad about receiving a promotion.

(Well, I could be gold in no time if I wanted to.)

I walked over to the request board to see if there was any work that would be easy for me to do, and there was the girl I had come to know.

“Hey, Lime. How are you?”

“Are you from ・・・・・・ Iron?”

“I’ve been promoted to bronze.”


When I displayed the tag to show off, the girl silently grabbed the silver tag on her chest to show it to me.

“I’m better than you. Don’t get carried away.”

“Well, excuse me. What are you looking at, anyway?”


When I looked at the request form Lime was looking at, I saw that it was a request for the capture of the Phantom Thief Shadow.

“Are you interested in Shadow?”

“Shadow, I’m the only one who can catch…”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

Kagehiko narrowed his eyes as if to say, “I’m sorry.” He had saved the life of the girl in front of him, but…had he done something to make her resent him?

“A thousand gold coins, huh? That’s a tempting offer.”

“No, I don’t want money.”

“You’re not in it for the money? Then why do you want to catch him?”


When Kagehiko asked casually, Lime became silent.

“・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ pop.”

” Pop?”

The girl’s expressionless face turned a hearty shade of red. Lime peeled off the request form and covered his face to hide it.

“・・・・・・ confidential.”

That’s all she said, and ran off.

Kagehiko was stunned to see the girl running away from the guild with the request form in her hand.

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