I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C26

I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C26

C26: The characters (3)


I still owe 2 chapters that will be released Sunday.

Kagehiko Kurono (Phantom Thief Shadow)

He is an adventurer by day and a thief by night.

His rank as an adventurer is Iron. Because of his low rank despite his age of almost 30, he is treated poorly by his fellow adventurers. However, after defeating a lot of goblins, his rank was raised to Bronze.

The thing he wants most is a new hideout. The landlord saw Sana coming and going from the rented house he currently uses as a hideout, and reported him to the guards for bringing a young girl into the house. He was seriously freaked out that the biggest thief under the sun would be caught for something like this.



The newest member of the Silverwing Maidens adventurers party, she is a prodigy swordsman who has risen to the rank of Silver at the young age of 15.

Her village was destroyed by goblins when she was young, and her sister was raped and murdered in front of her eyes by a red goblin. She feels guilty for leaving her sister behind and running away, and transforms into “a woman who absolutely must kill goblins.” Thanks to Phantom Thief Shadow, she was able to defeat the Red Goblin and avenge her sister’s death, and her hatred for goblins eased a little. Since then, she is grateful to Shadow, and has been chasing after him.

The thing she wants most now is a house. In the back of her home, she plans to build a dungeon to lock Shadow in. And at night, she wants to ・・・・・・



Sub-leader of the Silverwing Maidens. She is 25 years old, a silver-ranked adventurer and a master of the sword.

The party leader is a hot-blooded man-hater, and Lime is a free spirit. She spends her days following up on the problems of her older and younger siblings. When the leader is out of town, she sometimes fills in for her. She is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but she has no time for a boyfriend due to her busy work schedule.

The thing she wants most is a “nice husband”. She is getting impatient to get married because of her age. In this world, the ideal age for marriage is between 18 and 25, so she is on the edge.



A member of the Silverwing Maidens. She is 18 years old and a silver-ranked female wizard. She specializes in water magic, and is capable of using 4th rank magic if she works hard enough. She thinks of Lime, who is close to her in age, as a younger sister. As a wizard, she is often paired up with Lime.

What she wants most is “big tits”. She has a complex with Lime, who has rather large breasts when she takes off her clothes. Where can she get a talisman for the God of Boobs, which is all the rage these days?


Leon Bonaparte

The leader of the “Golden Sword” adventurer party. He is 25 years old, the third son of an earl and is rich because of the support of his family. He has a handsome face and a strong sense of justice. But for some reason, he is not popular at all. The women he goes out with immediately dump him because he’s too unbearable.

He was struck down by a goblin general, but quickly recovered. He’s a good guy who immediately tries to save Lime, who was left behind. But he is not popular.

What he wants most is “wings”. He wants to fly to a woman in trouble and wrap her up. That part of him is hot and bitter.


Adventurer in Black Armor

Sub-leader of the Golden Sword, 35 years old  and married. He is always bothered by Leon’s tendency to run amok, but since Leon pays for all the drinking and lodging, he has no choice but to go along with him. What he wants most is a “comedian”. If only there was someone who could make Leon laugh, the burden on him would be reduced. ・・・・

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  1. The Bread

    The man-hater wants a husband, such an odd team, well they’re are at least sensible enough to cut off someone who goes all “Leroy Jenkins” when they’re making a retreat.

  2. NakraL

    “The thing she wants most now is a house. In the back of her home, she plans to build a dungeon to lock Shadow in. And at night, she wants to…”
    How would she lock “Shadow” lol
    I mean… He made a technique/magic that basically lets weapons pass through people, what’s to say he can’t do it to himself and pass through walls and such?
    Thanks for the chapters ~

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