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I was sold at the lowest price C85

I was sold at the lowest price C85: Choosing the King


“Duke Caron is here!”

The guards reported……both Mushym’s camp and Yudin’s camp stared at the door of the room. Then the door was opened, and Duke Caron……no, it was Lord Theseus who appeared.

“Theseus, why are you here? What happened to your father?”

Mushym called out to Theseus.

“From this day forward, I am the Duke of Caron, Prince Mushym.”

“……What nonsense!”

“This is the official certificate of inheritance, signed by my father.”

The place was buzzing with excitement at the unexpected turn of events. Mushym checked the certificate and his face changed color……

“……It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as you vote for me.”

“I’m sorry, but I have the right to cast my own vote.”

“What? I’m your brother-in-law, and I have an agreement with your father……but you!”

“Father’s promise does not require me to keep it, and I will vote as I see fit.”

Theseus then proceeded to the tags of Mushym and Yudin…

“I will vote for a king who will conduct honest politics and impartial state affairs!”

Theseus said emphatically, and placed his card underneath Yudin’s.

“Nonsense! This can’t be right! Theseus you will not be forgiven!”

Seeing this, Mushym revealed his anger in a loud voice.

“Brother Mushym! This is the result of a legitimate vote, the throne will go to Yudin!”

“What’s the matter with you? Yudin is not fit to be king! I’m the only one! I’m the only one who can be king!”

“Prince Mushym, this is it, you have lost, now admit defeat and allow Prince Yudin to take the throne…… Ugh……Oh……prince……what…..”

Mushym unexpectedly plunged his sword through the belly of Vizier Brom, who was admonishing him for his hysterics…….

“You’re the one who got me into this mess! What do you want me to do, admit defeat! I won’t be defeated by anyone! I’m going to be king! This vote is invalid!”

“Stop it, Brother Mushym!”

“Huh, Linnecarlo, you thought I didn’t think about losing the vote!”


When Mushym gave the signal, his soldiers, who were waiting in the next room, broke inside.

“Kill Yudin! I’m going to be king!”

Mushym had no idea he would be forced to do this, and Alana and Arthur stepped forward to protect Yudin.

“Mushym, don’t you have any shame, this is an act of treason, how can you be a king if you are a traitor!”

“Treason……Treason……Don’t get me wrong, Linnecarlo, Yudin is not king yet, no, he will never be king! Because today he will die here! What are you doing, kill him quickly!”

Following Mushym’s orders, the soldiers attacked Yudin, which was defended by Alana and Arthur. But how can you say that you can kill your own brother with no hesitation?

“Linnecarlo! It’s not safe for you to stay here, you better think about running away first!”

To Jean’s warning, Linnecarlo nodded.

Linnecarlo runs out of the room with Yudin and the soldiers try to stop them, but Alana and Arthur beat them with their swords. Arthur, who Linnecarlo says has nothing to his name except his face, is very good with a sword and overwhelms several soldiers.

“What are you doing, Yuta, you come here quickly too!”

Jean told me to hurry up and follow Linnecarlo and the others.

“What do we do, Linnecarlo?  From the looks of it, they’ve blocked all the entrances and exits of the palace!”

Jean asks Linnecarlo while running.

“Let’s go to the basement, that’s where my Odin is.”

Well, it’s true that a magicraft might be able to break through the encirclement…….We dodged the oncoming Mushym soldiers and headed for the underground hangar.


When Linnecarlo came to the underground hangar, she was astonished to find that her magicraft, Odin, was not there.

“Hahahahaha, Linnecarlo, I knew you’d come to this hangar, I didn’t think it was necessary but I had your Odin moved.”


Mushym explained, looking down at us from the space above the hangar.

“You will die knowing how helpless you are without your magicraft!”

As soon as he yelled that, magicrafts came pouring in from the hangar entrance – every entrance and exit was blocked by soldiers and there was no way to escape…….What should I do?

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  1. abandonship

    The room was “surrounded” by the knights outside, and inside. How did all the people for Yudin simply just “run out of the room” and escape all the armed guards? All this when the armed guards are alert and actually attacking Yudin and supporters.

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