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I was sold at the lowest price C86

I was sold at the lowest price C86: The Legendary Activation


There is no way out now, what should I do……….It’s true that Linnecarlo’s Odin and Arthur’s Sentor aren’t there, but I noticed that there’s a magicraft on the floor, and I told Linnecarlo about it.

“Linnecarlo, is that magicraft broken?”

“It is the national treasure of this country, the magicraft of Ruzak, the hero who founded this country, but unfortunately, it cannot be used.”

“It looks like it’s working.”

“The activation Ludia value is ridiculously high, no one in the history of this country has ever been able to move that thing, and of course I’m no exception with a Ludia value of 48,000.”

“Okay, well, that’s impossible.”

“No, it’s not impossible. Yuta, try getting on that thing!”

Jean, who was listening to the conversation, suddenly said so.

“Wait a minute, did you hear what she said? It’s a magicraft with a ridiculously high activation Ludia value, there’s no way I can ride it.”

“No, you can move it! I believe so! I mean, there’s no other way but to move that thing and break through this siege! You have to move that thing no matter what, Yuta!”

“Don’t be absurd……”

“It’s true that Yuta has an unfathomable power……Normally, only royalty would be allowed to touch this magicraft, but I’ll give you special permission. Yuta, board the magicraft, Viktor!”

If we don’t do anything, we’ll all be killed.

I have no choice but to board the magic machine Victor – perhaps thinking that we are already surrounded and cannot escape, the enemy is not in a hurry and is slowly approaching us.

The cockpit doesn’t look much different from Arleo’s…Come to think of it, this situation is similar to when I first moved the Arleo at Farma’s house. Arleo worked then, surely Viktor will work this time, too.

I rubbed my hands together to loosen them up, and gently placed my hands on the two control balls with a prayer…

“Move Viktor!”

The moment I shouted that with all my energy, the lights came on as the power was coming on to the devices around me, and then I heard the sound of a motor or something turning…

“Yes! It’s working!”

I immediately sent an order to the control sphere to stand up. With almost no time lag, the image is immediately transmitted to Viktor. My friends shouted in admiration when they saw the figure slowly stand up with a creaking sound.

“I can’t believe you actually……moved Viktor.”

“What, Linnecarlo, you didn’t think it would work after all?”

Obviously! The activation Ludia value of Viktor is said to be 200,000.”

” ……200,000!”

“That’s just what the legend says, so I don’t know what the truth is. The only thing I’m sure of is that Yuta’s real Ludia value is ridiculously high, beyond common sense.”

I stood up and looked at the approaching enemy magicrafts. The legendary Viktor began to move, and the enemy was clearly flustered.

“I didn’t think Viktor was going to move……It doesn’t matter, destroy that antique!”

“But, Master Mushym, that’s a national treasure…….”

“I’m telling you to destroy it, what’s the problem?”

“No, there’s no……problem.”

Five enemy magicrafts were slowly approaching to surround Viktor. I had no weapons so I attacked an enemy magicraft with my bare hands. In an instant, Viktor was close to the enemy magicraft and slammed his fist into it.

A heavy air-bursting impact occurs – both arms and the head are smashed to pieces, and the upper part of the fuselage is shattered without a trace.

It was surprisingly light……and felt powerful, clearly moving better than Arleo.

“It’s a Highlander. That’s a Highlander……magicraft, and you tore it to pieces……in an instant. What are you doing? All of you, attack together!”

In response to Mushym’s order, the four remaining magicrafts attacked Viktor at once.

I brushed aside the four magicraft as they approached, spinning around. With a single swing, the four enemy magicrafts were blown apart, their arms and heads torn to pieces.

“Master Mushym, I’m afraid it’s not safe for you to stay here. Please withdraw and leave the rest to the magicraft troops outside!”

“Tell the troops outside to make sure they finish him off!”

And with that, Mushym left for the depths of the royal palace…

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  1. MC is a true moron, a brute with a heart and a shining plot armor because if you give him a brain the other characters would loose their purpose. Standard trope of the 90’s protagonists, the author might be an old person. A stupid MC nowadays only works for comedic purposes and if you are going to throw him in a little serious story lines at least they had been given a proper logical sense.

  2. NakraL

    Huh… I thought for sure Arleo would suddenly appear, I guess this is a replacement for Arleo whenever it is in repairs xD
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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