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I was sold at the lowest price C87

I was sold at the lowest price C87: Battle for the Royal Palace


After wiping out the enemy’s magicrafts, the infantry who had surrounded Yudin and the others scattered at once to escape.

“Okay, Yuta, get out of the hangar and secure the entrance.”

“What about Jean and the others?”

“Arthur just went to get the ride hover at the back, so we’ll escape in that.”

I couldn’t figure out what a ride hover was, but it was probably a vehicle or something. When I came out of the hangar, I saw that there was a fierce battle going on outside – and when I looked, it was Nanami and the others who were fighting.

“Looks like the ride carrier was attacked by Mushym’s soldiers.”

I’d like to talk to Nanami and the others, but Victor doesn’t have a Horcrux, and even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to communicate with a Horcrux that he wasn’t linked to, so I’d have to get close to them and talk directly to them using the external sound output.

The enemy’s magicraft squadron, which has noticed Viktor, is approaching me. There are five of them, and I need to clear them out before the ride hover that Jean and the others are riding comes out.

One of the enemy magicrafts attacked me with a trident. I avoided it and grabbed the head of the enemy, crushing it with a little effort. I took away the trident from the enemy magicraft, which collapsed helplessly, and pierced the torso of another enemy that was attacking me from the front with his sword, and then I destroyed the one that was attacking me from behind with a series of thrusts.

I swung my trident at the remaining two enemies – a direct hit broke one of them into pieces and blew the other one apart from the shoulders up.

After clearing away the enemy magicrafts and securing the hangar entrance, a buggy-like vehicle flew out of the hangar. Perhaps this was a ride hover. When I looked at it, I saw that Linnecarlo and Yudin were also on it.

“All right, Yuta, continue to escort me to the ride carrier.”

“Okay, follow me but keep a little distance.”

Around our ride carrier, Nanami and the others are fighting against a large number of enemy magicrafts.

As soon as I approached the ride carrier, I heard a buzzing sound coming from behind me – I turned around and was suddenly hit in the head with a crack – I looked and saw a bent arrow from a bow gun had fallen out.

There was more buzzing and then the figure of a magicraft with a bow gun appeared – it was Emina’s Artemis.

“Emina! It’s me, Yuta!”

“Oh ……you’re Yuta? What’s that magicraft?”

“We’ll talk about that later. The ride hover with Jean and the others is coming. Can you protect it?”


Leaving the ride hover escort to Emina, I decided to wipe out the enemies around the ride carrier.

I wielded the trident that I had taken from the enemy earlier and eradicated the squadron of enemy planes that had surrounded Nanami’s Vajra, and then I spoke to her.

“Nanami, are you okay?”

“Yuta! What’s with that magicraft?”

“Jean and the others are heading for the ride carrier in a ride hover, so we need to wipe out the enemies around here to ensure their safety!”

“I understand.”

Working together with Lorgo and Farma, we destroyed the enemies around the ride carrier then the ride hover arrived at the ride carrier. Liza noticed and opened the hatch to welcome the ride hover.

“Yuta, look at that, there’s a lot of magicrafts!”

When I looked at the direction Nanami was pointing, I could not believe the number of magicrafts that were coming towards us. At this rate, the entire ride carrier is going to be swallowed up.

“Let’s retreat. Nanami! Call the ride carrier and tell them to retreat as well!”

I decided to keep the enemy at bay until the ride carrier retreated. I go towards the countless enemy troops, but I’m not stupid enough to fight that many enemies on my own, so I move across the enemy troops and only draw their attention towards me.

Just as I aimed, the enemy forces were coming towards us. Meanwhile, the ride carrier seemed to have started retreating in the other direction.

“Yuta, the ride carrier has pulled out.”

“All right, we’re getting out of here.”

Me and Nanami headed in a different direction from the ride carrier, while destroying the enemy magicrafts that were chasing us.

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  1. NakraL

    Wonder how Nanami and co will react once they find out that “Viktor” is rumored to have to be operated by someone with 200,000 Ludia value xD (revealed in an earlier chapter)
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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