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I was sold at the lowest price C89

Episode 89 Attack / Jean’s Point of View


After retreating from the royal palace, we were on our way to the Duke of Caron’s residence. As I was taking a break after communicating with Yuta and the others who had been decoys in order to help us escape, Linnecarlo spoke to me.

“Jean, is Yuta all right?”

“What, Linnecarlo, are you worried about Yuta?”

“No……Yuta is now riding the national treasure of Meltaria, I’m just worried about the national treasure Viktor.”

“I’ll pretend you’re telling the truth.”

“It’s true, and I’m not worried, because I don’t think that Yuta will be slowed down by Mushym’s soldiers.”

“You seem to have a very high opinion of Yuta.”

“It is true, after all, Yuta is the only rider who has……drawn with me.”

“I’m sure he’s got a lot to say about that.”

“I don’t think Yuta and the others are in trouble, but I wonder if Theseus and Linnecarlo’s sister who voted for Yudin are okay.”

As Alana said, it’s hard to predict what Mushym will do, but I don’t think he’ll go as far as killing him……

“I don’t think Mushym will harm the royal family or senior nobles unnecessarily, although they will probably be restrained.”

That evening, we arrived at the Duke of Caron’s residence. The former Duke of Karon welcomed Yudin and the others without a hint of displeasure.

“Princess Linnecarlo and Crown Prince Yudin, welcome to my home.”

“Duke Caron, I’m sorry to bother you at this time of night, but the truth is that Mushym has gone out of control…….”

“I’m sorry to bother you this evening, Duke Caron.”

“I’m sure he’s not dead, but he’s most likely locked up…….I should have taken him with me, but Mushym’s sudden outburst left me too busy protecting Yudin……”

“It’s a good thing that Prince Mushym won’t kill Theseus easily…….I’ll help in any way I can.”

In the middle of the conversation with the former Duke of Caron, the door of the room was suddenly violently opened – and a soldier rushed in to report.

“A large force of magicrafts has entered the territory!”

“How many enemy magicrafts are there?”

“I’m guessing at least 500……”

“Gather the whole army! Fucking Mushym, you……good for nothing!”

“Duke Caron, how many magicrafts do you have?”

“We have about eighty magicrafts and twenty ride hovers with ballistae.”

“Okay, we’ll help you, Jean, get everyone ready.”

“Isn’t that reckless without Yuta and Nanami?”

“Still, we have no choice but to fight, and Arthur and I will borrow a magic machine from Duke Caron to go out, so get them ready quickly.”

“You really should get your……bonus…….Alana, you heard the princess, we’re all going out.”

Alana went back to her ride carrier. I followed her and headed out. It hurts that Yuta and Nanami aren’t here at a time like this. Alana and Emina are pretty strong on their own, but those two are still the main force behind the Iron Knights.

It would have been nice if the reports of Duke Caron’s soldiers had been exaggerated, but there was a large army of exactly 500 magicrafts closing in on us. I watched from the deck of my ride carrier and sent instructions to Alana and the others.

“Alana, Emina, cover the Duke of Caron’s army and destroy the enemy! Farma, support Alana and the others from the rear, Lorgo, defend the Ride Carrier and the ride hover troops!”

“Can you call Yuta, maybe he’s nearby?”

“You’re right……Okay, I’ll get back to you.”

As Alana said, Yuta and Nanami might be camping nearby. I opened the communication to contact them and ask for support. But no matter how many times I called, there was no response…….What are they doing? I called again and again, but there was no response.

I gave up.

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