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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C30

C30: The Haunted Castle (4)


“Turn right there.”


Phantom Thief Shadow follows Sana’s instructions through the corridors of the abandoned castle. On the way, skeletons appear one after another. He uses magic to defeat and dodge them as he moves forward.

“Please continue straight ahead.”

“Damn, that’s easy for you to say!”

From the communication magic item in his breast pocket, he hears Sana’s voice. Responding to it evasively, Shadow unleashes his magic.

“Third rank magic, flame spear!”

“Clack clack clack!”


Several skeletons were blown to pieces by the flame spear released by Shadow. Ever since he entered the abandoned castle, skeletons had been attacking him incessantly. Each of the skeletons, which were low-ranked undead, were not very strong. However, the sheer number of them was quite troublesome.

“I underestimated you a bit. I should’ve prepared an item against the undead if I knew this was going to happen.”

Although Shadow had the cheat ability to use all kinds of magic, he had few countermeasures against the undead monsters. In the first place, it is not magic that is effective against the undead, but the sacred arts that are used by priests. This is not to say that magic doesn’t work, but it is not the most effective method.

“If I were a saint, I would have cleansed the entire castle”

I said, and ran through the corridor, releasing more magic. In order to conserve as much magic as possible, I ignored the skeletons that could still move. If I fought all the undead, I would run out of magic first. I have a magic potion in my item box, but the amount I can drink is limited by the size of my stomach.

“Sana! How much further to the room with the treasure?”

“It’s still about 20 minutes away. The corridors seem to be quite intricate, perhaps to keep out intruders.”

“I don’t like walking on someone else’s path! Give me a straight line direction from here to the treasure room!”

“What? If it’s a direction, it’s……to the right of your position.”

“To the right!”

Shadow invoked a new magic.

Original Magic [The Thief].

Shadow’s body was covered in a thick layer of black smoke. The border between his body and his surroundings became blurred.


Having magically lowered the intensity of his existence, Shadow slips through the walls like a ghost, taking shortcuts through the corridors of the castle. What would normally take 20 minutes to complete, he does in a few dozen seconds.

“The room down the hall!”

“ Yes! I’m almost there!”

Shadow slipped through the last wall and jumped into the room where the treasure was. What he found there was…

“……girl? Why are you here?”

“Huh? Who’s this big brother?”

There was a young girl in a pink dress.

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