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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C31

C31: The Haunted Castle (5)


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The girl tilted her head when she saw the masked man who suddenly appeared. Shadow, on the other hand, stood there, forgetting to hide from the unexpected situation.

“Brother is a ghost too, aren’t you? You came through the wall.”

“Huh? Who’s your brother?”

“Are you sure you don’t know that you died? Don’t worry, Luria is a ghost just like you, so don’t be afraid.”

Apparently, the girl’s name was Luria. The chestnut-haired girl in the pink dress floated fluffily and flew to Shadow’s side.

(Ghost……or Wraith?)

Shadow…The [Sage] Kagehiko Kurono has witnessed the existence of beings called ghosts several times during his journey as a party of heroes.

A person who died in battle against demons, an adventurer who was defeated by a monster, a mother who died leaving behind a young child. It is common for people who have died with strong regrets to come back to life as undead ghosts. However, many of these ghosts have lost their memories and personalities, and sometimes become monsters that attack people indiscriminately.

However, there is a rare individual who retains his original personality and becomes a ghost. These monsters are called “Wraiths”, and in most cases, they are incredibly powerful.

“……No wonder no one has been able to reach the treasure for 50 years. I can’t believe this thing is here.”

“What’s the matter, brother? Are you in pain?”

Luria looks at Shadow’s face and tilts her head. It is an innocent and cute behavior, but she is probably the boss of the undead that live in this castle.


Shadow sighed in annoyance. Behind Luria, he could see a treasure chest that seemed to contain a treasure. However, there is no way that the girl in front of him will meekly hand it over.

(I’ m going to have to take it by force. You’ve got to be kidding me.)

A thief is supposed to be a gentleman, and violence against a child is unacceptable.

“Oh, Luria. I need to talk to you about something…….”

“I knew you could talk! I’ve never met a ghost who can talk properly before!”

Luria happily took Shadow’s arm and entwined her own with it. Incidentally [The Thief] is still in effect. This magic, which lowers the intensity of existence, is equivalent to turning one’s body into a spirit, so to speak. Therefore, it is possible to touch ghosts and wraiths, which are also spirits, in this way.

“I’m glad you’re here. I finally have someone to talk to! These kids here are so protective of me, but I was bored because I couldn’t talk to them!”


Luria smiles and rubs her fluffy head of chestnut hair against Shadow’s chest with her arms crossed.

“……am I a demon?”

“What did you say brother?”


In this situation, taking the treasure and running away is too devilish.  Just because he’s a thief doesn’t mean there are things he can and can’t do!

“Hey, hey, brother. Can you talk to Luria?”

“……Well, let’s hear your story, Luria. Why do you live in this castle?”

“Let’s see…”

Shadow sat down on the spot as if he had given up. He hugged Luria’s body from behind as she climbed onto his lap and tried to gather information. Hopefully, there is a way out of this situation in her story.

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