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I was sold at the lowest price C91

Episode 91 Search


When Nanami and I saw that the Duke of Caron’s mansion had been smashed up in a spectacular fashion, we searched the area……hoping to find some clue as to where everyone went.

“It looks like there was a huge battle, but I don’t see any destroyed magicrafts.”

“Yeah, I wonder what happened to them.”

The small parts of the magicrafts are scattered around, so it looks like there were magicrafts destroyed in the battle, but their main bodies were gone……Jean once told me that there is a company that collects magicrafts that have been destroyed in wars, but I felt like they were being collected too quickly.

“It’s no good. There’ s no clue.”

“Yuta, what should we do?”

“We’ll go to the nearest town and see if we can get some information.”

“I wonder if it’s safe? I hope it’s not full of the bad prince’s minions.”

“If we hide the magicrafts somewhere and walk into town, no one will pay any attention to us.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

The town we visited was a small town in the Duke of Caron’s territory, and we went to a tavern there to get some information. Even though it was late in the evening, the tavern was very crowded, and people were drinking noisily.

When we entered the restaurant, Nanami and I took a seat at an empty table and ordered our meals.

“Just food?”

“Yeah, just the food.”

“You know, our ale is really good.”

“Nanami wants some fruits.”

“All right, we’ll have one more of this fruit platter.”


It would be dangerous to ask around blindly, so we decided to eat and listen to the conversations around us first. If there had been a major battle, it would be big news around here, and would be a great subject during a drink. Perhaps there would be a table talking about it.

And as I listened to the people at the next table, it seemed that there had been a big battle in the Duke of Caron’s territory last night, and as expected, they were talking about it.

“In yesterday’s battle, it appears that Prince Mushyim has moved the kingdom’s army.”

“War with our lord? Prince Mushym’s father-in-law is Duke Caron, how is that possible?”

“It seems that the kingdom’s army wants to pretend that the battle never happened, and they were sneaking around hiding the traces of the battle early in the morning.”

“How do you know all this?”

“My brother is in the Royal Army, and I’ve taken on the job of transporting broken magicrafts.”

“I don’t know how they could let a private company do a job like that, to cover it up.”

“Sounds like they were in a hurry.”

“You’re spouting that shit in here?”

“There’s no Royal Army here.”

I’m pretty sure there was a battle between Mushym and the Duke of Caron…….Maybe they will talk about the results of that battle and where everyone went afterwards……With that in mind, the conversation went on and they proceeded to talk about the results of the battle.

“So, which side won the battle?”

“The Kingdom’s army, of course. They outnumbered the duke forces.”

“Did they kill my lord?”

“No, he seems to have escaped, and now the Royal Army is in pursuit.”

“Even if he escaped, there’s nowhere to run against the Royal Army.”

“Looks like he escaped towards the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory.”

“That’s the only place to run, because everything else is in Prince Mushym’s sphere of influence.”

All right! I got the information I needed. If they escaped, then they’re all definitely alive. The Duchy of Reydemarte, which direction would that be?

Later, after finishing our meal, we quietly asked the tavern owner for the direction of the Duke of Reydemarte’s domain and left the tavern.

“Is everyone okay?”

Nanami muttered worriedly.

“Alana and the others won’t be easily defeated. They’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, they’re strong. They’ll be fine.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. We returned to the place where we hid the magicrafts and immediately set off for the Duke of Reydemarte’s domain.

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