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I was sold at the lowest price C92

Episode 92 Retreat / Jean’s Point of View


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“We’ll be annihilated if we continue! Contact Duke Caron and advise him to withdraw!”

Unfortunately, the difference in strength was blatantly apparent in the results. The only ones who were destroying the enemy properly were the Iron Knights, Linnecarlo and Arthur, who were riding magicrafts for ordinary riders.

“Jean, the Iron Knights and I will act as you help Duke Caron escape to the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory.”

“It’s a good thing I’m not the only one…….Alana, you hear that?”

“Roger that. Lorgo stop the troops on the right from advancing! Farma will concentrate on escorting the ride carriers, while Emina and I will hold off the enemy as we destroy them!”

“Lorgo, stop the enemy…….”

“Linnecarlo and Arthur, take out the enemy magicrafts we missed in the rear! Don’t let any of them get through.”

Linnecarlo voiced her dissatisfaction at Alana’s words.

“You want me to work as a garbage scavenger?”

“You can’t help us while riding a general magicraft. Even if you’re a Quadruple Highlander, there are limits!”

“You’re right, but even with this magicraft, I’ll be able to take out an enemy Highlander!”

Linnecarlo’s words were not false, and the fact that she had already shot down nearly ten magicrafts showed it.

Arthur is also doing his best, but he could barely destroy two magicrafts. A regular Highlander can’t show that much power in a regular magicraft.

“Take it easy, all of you, because there’s no point in getting hit here.”

The Duke of Caron rides his own ride carrier and begins to flee in the direction of the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory. All of the duke soldiers follow him – as a result, the only ones who can stop the enemy are the Iron Knights, Linnecarlo and Arthur.

“Once Duke Caron enters Duke Reydemarte’s territory, we’ll move out.”

Alana and Emina are as strong as they come, the two of them have probably already destroyed 50 magicrafts, but the enemies are still coming out in droves and their numbers don’t seem to be decreasing. I don’t think they can keep fighting for long if this continues.

“We’ve already entered the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory. I’ve requested reinforcements in the name of Crown Prince Yudin at the Duke of Reydemarte’s castle, so you’re safe now. Please take it easy and retreat as well.”

“All right, the Duke of Caron has entered the territory of Duke Reydemarte.”

“Emina and I will hold off the enemy, while Jean takes care of the others and stays back.”

“Thanks, Alana, take care.”

Once Lorgo, Farma, Linnecarlo, and Arthur are inside, the ride carrier advances to the rear – while only two people are stalling the progress of the large army.

“Alana, I’ll take care of the rest. You go back to the ride carrier.”

“Are you sure you’re up for this, Emina?”

“My Artemis has a stealth feature, so I can disappear and run away if I have to.”

It’s true that Emina’s Artemis would manage to escape even when surrounded by a large army.

“Alana, let Emina take care of that, and you retreat.”

“All right, Emina, take it easy.”

After picking up Alana as well, we headed towards the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory at full speed.

After that, Emina, who had been holding off the enemy until we entered the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory, used her stealth function to disappear and successfully escaped from the enemy forces. We then met up with Emina in the depths of the forest in the Reydemarte Duchy.

“It seems that the Duke of Caron’s army and the Duke of Reydemarte’s army have joined forces.”

“It looks like they can hold out for a while. We’ll call for reinforcements from the Duke of Barelma’s army and begin our counterattack.”

“Will it be enough against the Royal Army?”

“The Duke of Caron’s, the Duke of Reydemarte’s, and the Duke of Barelma’s armies all have a combined total of about 300 magicrafts, so they’re no match for them as it is.”

“What are you going to do, Linnecarlo?”

“There’s only one general in the kingdom’s army who might be on my side.”

“It is General Orlea, isn’t it, sister?”

“Yes, I’m sure Orlea will be on our side. But I’d have to see him in person for that to happen.”

“I’m pretty sure General Orlea is stationed in the eastern fortress, not far from here, but it’s within the……kingdom army’s sphere of influence, sister.”

“That’s why we’re going covertly to the eastern fortress.”


“Wouldn’t Emina’s magicraft be enough to get us there?”

“What? Me?”

“Yes, you can take me and Arthur in your Artemis.”

“Hey……I can’t fit three people in my Artemis.”

“You can if you push it, I’m slim and Arthur packs compactly.”

“Why does Arthur have to ride with us in the first place? You only need to convince the general, right?”

“I believe Orlea knows where my Odin and Arthur’s Sentor are kept, and I intend to retrieve them while I’m at it, so he must come with us.”

“I see, well, it’s true that we’ll need Linnecarlo’s Odin and Arthur’s Sentor to fight back against Mushym from now.”

“Don’t touch my……weird parts.”

Thus, Emina, Linnecarlo, and Arthur went to the eastern fortress, while we, with Yudin, went to Duke Reydemarte’s castle to meet up with Duke Caron.

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