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I was sold at the lowest price C93

I was sold at the lowest price C93: Encounter


“It’s full of enemies…….What should we do, Yuta, force our way through?”

“It’s fine for now, but if more and more reinforcements keep coming, it’s going to be a problem, so I’d like to avoid them as much as possible.”

“I wonder if we can move forward in that river or something…….”

Nanami said, looking at the relatively large river flowing nearby.

“It looks deep enough to hide us from the enemy…….Speaking of which, can a magicraft go underwater?”

“I don’t know about that. You’ll find out when you go into the water.”

“I’m afraid of water getting into the cockpit……Well, let’s give it a try.”

The river was deep, with water up to the chest of Viktor, who was about 12 meters tall. This is not a problem if I squat down a little. In addition, it seems that the magicraft was properly waterproofed, and water did not enter the cockpit. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that we shouldn’t stay underwater for too long because we’ll run out of air.

We crouched down in the river – the enemy didn’t seem to imagine that we were moving through the river, and we were able to pass through the area where their forces were watching without being detected.

Once out of the enemy’s sight, we looked for a place where we could go ashore……I found a hollow point that was surrounded by trees and was difficult to see. In the water, it was impossible to talk over the external sound output, so I gestured to Nanami and told her the spot where we would land. The gestures seemed to be getting through to Nanami, and we both made it to land without any problems.

“There doesn’t seem to be any enemies around, so let’s keep moving towards that forest, Nanami.”

“Yeah, okay.”

As I walked deeper into the forest, I heard something loud, like the sound of metal clashing.

“What’s that sound?”

“I think it’s the sound of magicrafts fighting.”

“Someone’s fighting…….If we keep going, they’ll find us. We’ll have to go around……”

“But Yuta, if someone is fighting, doesn’t that mean that one of them could be an enemy, but the other could be a friend?”

“You’re right…….If that’s the case, we can’t just abandon them…….Nanami, let’s go to the direction of the sound.”

We headed towards the battle with caution – we soon arrived at a place where two groups were fighting fiercely.

One group was a medium-sized unit of about 20 magicrafts and the other was a platoon of five magicrafts. They were outnumbered, but the smaller group was working well together and fighting evenly.

“Now, which side are they on?”

Unfortunately, Nanami and I don’t have a beacon crystal that can clearly identify friend and foe……so what do we do?

“What are you going to do, Yuta? They’re both similar magicrafts, and I don’t know which side they’re on at all.”

“Hmmm……I have no choice but to be honest and ask them.”

“What? Ask who?”

“Those guys that are fighting.”

“Yuta sometimes acts boldly and strangely.”

“Just leave it to me. I don’t want anything to happen to Nanami, so keep a little distance.”

“Okay, but be careful.”

I responded to Nanami’s words by waving the hand of my magicraft.

I went over to where the battle was taking place, turned up the external sound output to maximum, and spoke to them.

“Princess Linnecarlo’s mercenary troops, the Iron Knights of the Warriors, have come to reinforce you!”

I spoke to both groups, but the response was the exact opposite.

“It’s a disgrace that the mercenary troops under Linnecarlo’s command have come to reinforce us!”

Someone from the small group of magicraft spoke.

“Insolent! Linnecarlo was not satisfied with Prince Yudin’s loss to Prince Mushym in the succession vote, and she tried to kill Prince Mushym.”

This is a message from the medium-sized group’s magicrafts, thank goodness for a clear response, now it’s clear that the small group is on our side – all I have to do is defeat the medium-sized group and help the small group.

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