I was sold at the lowest price C94

I was sold at the lowest price C94

Episode 94 The Royal Guards


As long as I knew which one was the enemy, there wouldn’t be a problem. I started attacking the squadron of about 20 magicrafts.

I accelerate and quickly approach the enemy troops who were engaged in a group battle. I slammed my fist into a heavy class magicraft that seemed to have a high level of defense, which was positioned in the vanguard. The punched magicraft easily deformed like a soft clay work and fell backwards.

“That……guy easily destroyed Dodem’s B-grade armor.”

A surprised voice came from what looked like the enemy captain’s magicraft.

I picked up a large battle axe that was in the hands of that heavy class of magicraft and charged at the group of enemies while swinging it around. They couldn’t keep up with my movements at all, and their bodies were destroyed one after another by the battleaxe I was swinging.

As soon as the battle began, Nanami immediately joined the fray and used her sword to destroy two magicrafts that had tried to get behind me. My small group of allies didn’t stand idly by, and one by one they surrounded and destroyed the enemy troops whose formation had been completely destroyed by my attack.

The last remaining enemy captain’s magicraft swung a large sword and charged at Viktor, shouting loudly but I easily caught the sword attack with one hand.


I crushed the sword in my grip and slammed the battle axe down over the captain’s plane’s head to end this battle.

After the battle, the leader of the small group came up to me and thanked me.

“Thank you very much! As expected of a mercenary group directly under Princess Linnecarlo, your strength is unbelievable.”

“No, more importantly, you are……”

“We’re Royal Guards, Princess Rhydiria bodyguards.”

“How did you end up here?”

“Unfortunately, our master, Princess Rhydiria, has been imprisoned by Prince Mushym along with Duke Raydemarte, Duke Barelma, and Lord Theseus. We were on our way to the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory to ask his son to do his best to save Princess Rhydiria, when we were discovered by the enemy forces and a battle ensued.”

“I see. I guess they all got caught after that. We’re on our way to the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory, so why don’t we go with you? We might run into more enemies on the way.”

“That’s a great offer……but if you can help us……I’d like to ask one favor in anticipation of your overwhelming strength……”

“What is it?”

“We have a comrade with whom we have been working, but he is currently surrounded and being attacked by Mushym’s army in a nearby fort. I thought that if we went to help him with our forces, we would be beaten back, so I wanted to borrow forces from the Duke of Reydemarte’s army, but the fort is just barely holding, and I wanted to go to his rescue as soon as possible. And that’s when I met you guys. With your strength, I thought it would be possible for you to defeat the enemy army that was surrounding them. What do you think, can you help me?”

“Well, we’d like to join our friends as soon as possible, but we can’t just leave them in that situation…Sure, we’ll help you rescue your friends.”

I don’t know how many soldiers are in the fort, but I thought it would definitely be a good thing to have a few more allies in the future, so I accepted.

“ Thank you! Now let’s get to the fort!”

The fort was located on top of a small hill about an hour’s travel from where I was. When I looked at the fort, I saw that they were fighting, and that an army of magicrafts were swarming the walls of the fort. The fort’s magicrafts responded with arrows and other weapons.

“There are about a hundred of them surrounding the fort. How strong is the fort?”

“We have about thirty magicrafts, but there are also several anti-magicrafts ballistae so the fort is still holding on.”

“I’m guessing that’s the enemy commander’s magicraft over there. Okay, we’re going to charge into the enemy’s main camp and go on a rampage, while you coordinate an attack with your allies in the fort.”

“Are you two going to charge in there, isn’t it dangerous?”

“I’ve been in tougher situations, besides this magicraft is legendary in your country so I think it’ll work.”

“I thought I recognized the legendary……magicraft from somewhere, but I didn’t think it was our national treasure, Viktor……How did you manage to ride it……?”

“Princess Linnecarlo gave me permission to use Viktor.”

“If Princess Linnecarlo, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, trusts you that much, you should be fine, then I leave it to you.”

Nanami and I decided to charge into the enemy’s main camp. It’s a little dangerous to assume that Viktor would be able to handle it.

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