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I was sold at the lowest price C95

I was sold at the lowest price C95: Battle for the Fort


TL Note: Is this font-size better or should I keep using the previous one?

“I’ll go in there and draw their attention, and you take care of the confused enemies.”

“Yeah. Be careful, Yuta.”

I ran as fast as I could towards the enemy’s main camp. Viktor, with his amazing leg strength, ran like an athlete and rushed into the enemy camp at once.

“……enemy attack!”

One of the enemy soldiers noticed us approaching and began to make a racket. The surrounding magic machines also saw Viktor and hurriedly took up their weapons in an attempt to shoot. But in no time at all, I was deep in enemy territory, wielding the battle axe I had acquired earlier in the battle, and destroying enemy magicrafts one by one.

“What the hell is that thing? It’s so fast and strong!”

“Surround it, and attack it all at once!”

The enemy began to move in formation around Viktor in an attempt to surround me using their numbers. But I wasn’t the only assailant, as Nanami’s Vajra came charging in after me, destroying the magicrafts that were trying to surround me one by one.

“New guy! This one’s strong, too!”

Nanami has also become much better at using her sword and shield…….I admire the way she overwhelms even a large number of opponents with her ironclad defense and seamless attacks.

I can’t lose, either. Swinging the battle axe as hard as I could, I hurled it at the group of about ten magicrafts that were forming a tight formation. The battle axe buzzes around violently as it attacks a group of enemy magicrafts – if I were to give it a name in a video game, it would be [Axe Tornado].

The battle axe disintegrates the magicrafts it touches and continues to push forward without slowing down, turning the enemies into wrecks.

The attack was powerful enough to instill fear in the enemies. I caught one of the surprised enemy magicrafts, ripped off its head, tore off its arms, lifted up its body and threw it at a nearby enemy – the two magicrafts collided violently and both came to a halt while emitting white smoke.

Taking the swords that the two bodies were holding in both hands, I started to destroy more of the remaining enemy magicrafts in the style of Alana’s twin swords.

Taking a deep step, I swing my sword at the enemy magicraft on the right from the inside to the outside, and in the same way, I cut away the enemy on the left, and then I turn my body and move forward to stab down a large magicraft with both swords.

Although I’m not as brilliant as Alana’s, the twin swords are not bad either, I swing the swords around with fast movements and kill the enemy with each swing.

Nanami was using her shield to block the enemy’s attacks and her sword to kill them without fail. Her steady fighting style was very stable.

“Hmph! You seem to have a bit of skill, I’ll take you on.”

The enemy’s commander magicraft came forward. But as I was in a hurry to end the battle, I quickly approached the commander and sent him flying.

Perhaps they trusted his strength so much that after killing the commander instantly, the enemy soldiers started to retreat.

The allied forces that had been holed up in the fort began to move. They left the fort and launched an all-out attack against the enemy army, which had been completely destroyed by mine and Nanami’s attacks. From that point on, it became a one-sided sweeping battle, and we made sure to take out the enemies who had delayed their escape.

After all the fighting, the fort’s troops and the royal guards, all gather in front of me – and to my surprise, they all kneel in front of Viktor.

“You are indeed the reincarnation of the founding hero Luzak, and the fact that you are riding the national treasure Viktor is proof of that. We, all the knights here, pledge ourselves to be under your command.”

“No, I’m just a mercenary in the service of Princess Linnecarlo…….”

“Please save the Kingdom of Meltaria!”

The knights, believe it or not, have appealed to me to save the county…….I don’t know what to do…….

“In any case, you’re fighting for this country because Linnecarlo asked you to, so why don’t you take charge?”

“I can’t help it, I’ll take care of you until we meet up with Linnecarlo and the others, but I can only fight on my own, the rest is up to you.”

“Ha! That is exactly the same as the hero Luzak who led his army by fighting at the front himself, we will follow you and fight!”

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  1. xenonkiriti

    Kinda makes it harder to read because of the bold text is mixing in with the title of the chapter.

  2. Anon

    I honestly preferred the larger font size. I’d rather scroll more than have to get closer to my screen.

  3. Schadows

    Hi, thanks for the chapter.
    About the font size, thank you for reducing it. I read the story on both a phone and a PC monitor, and the previous font was way too large to have a good reading experience.
    I would say that it would even be better to reduce it on more step to be perfect, but I let you and the others be the judge of that.
    Still, thank you.

  4. NakraL

    Considering that the magicraft “Viktor” had that kind of legend, “Arleo” should also have one too that is unrevealed yet…
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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