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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C32

C32: The Haunted Castle (6)


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The girl, Luria Sablona, was born as the second daughter of Count Sablona.

Her family consisted of her father, older sister, and Luria. Her mother had died of an illness before she could remember, but Luria never felt unhappy about it because her older sister took her place. The family of three lived in harmony, surrounded by trustworthy servants.

One day, however, tragedy struck the family.

A neighboring country, with which they had been allied, suddenly broke off their alliance and declared war on the Slayer Kingdom. Count Sablona’s territory, located on the border of the country, was the first to be hit by the war, and her father, Count Sablona, was killed in battle. The remaining soldiers of the count’s family put up no resistance, and Sablona Castle was eventually overrun by the enemy.

“Luria, you should hide in the treasury.”

The castle was surrounded by enemies on all sides, and her father, whom she could rely on, was killed on the battlefield. In the midst of a desperate situation, Luria’s older sister, Saria Sablona, said to her younger sister.

“I will gather the remaining soldiers and fight the enemy. Do not come out until you are sure it is safe.”

“No! I can fight! I can fight with you too!”

From that time Luria had a talent for necromancy, the art of summoning and using undead monsters. Luria tried to use her power to fight with her sister, but Saria shook her head sadly.

“No, you can’t. If you die too, the Sablona clan will be destroyed.”


“I’m not going to die so easily, I’ll break through the enemy and come back with reinforcements. You can guard the heirlooms in the treasury until I return.”


“Don’t worry. We’ll definitely meet again. Wait for me.”

Perhaps Saria had intended to die from the start. If the two sisters were hiding somewhere together, the enemy would search for them in a desperate attempt to find them. However, if Saria caught the enemy’s attention and died in battle, the young Luria might be overlooked.

By daring to go out on the battlefield, she would draw the enemy’s attention and distract them from the castle. The treasure room of Sablona Castle is located at the end of a hidden passage, so even if the castle is occupied, Luria should not be found right away.

“See you later, Luria.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, big sister! I’ll be waiting forever and ever!”

With these words, the two parted ways. Saria gathered up the remaining soldiers and went out to the enemy lines, and was never seen again. Sablona Castle fell into the hands of the enemy.

After the castle was occupied, Luria stayed in the treasury as her sister had told her to do…but then something unexpected happened. Sablona Castle was about to be retaken by reinforcements sent from the capital of the Slayer Kingdom, and the impatient enemy set fire to the castle to prevent it from being retaken.

The fire spread quickly, and the flames and smoke reached the treasury where Luria was hiding. The young girl could not escape and lost her life at an early age.

A tragic story indeed. However, the tragedy did not end there.

Luria lost her life in the flames, but her talent for necromancy brought her back to life as a wraith. As a wraith, Luria summoned the soldiers, servants, and citizens of the fallen territory of the Count Sablona to serve her, and transformed the abandoned castle of Sablona into a den of undead.

She still waits in the castle treasury for her sister’s return, guarding the heirloom treasure as she promised her sister…

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