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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C33

C33: The Haunted Castle (7)


“So? Did you come back without stealing anything? The greatest thief in the world, Phantom Thief Shadow…

“It can’t be helped. If I steal the treasure and run away with it, I’ll be too much of a devil.”

Responding to Sana’s reproachful gaze with a shrug of his shoulders, Shadow sat down on the grass. After hearing about Luria’s situation, Shadow eventually left the castle without stealing anything. He met up with Sana, who was waiting in the woods near Sablona Castle, and explained the situation to her.

When I left the castle, Luria cried out to me that she was going to lose the person she had been talking to, and we had an argument, but after I explained that I would be back soon, she finally let me go.

“Luria-chan is already dead, isn’t she? You should put me, the living, before a dead girl!”

“You’re rather devilish, aren’t you?”

“Of course! I’m a dark guild agent, even though I don’t look like one!”

Sana’s chest was flabby. Gazing at her with contempt, Shadow took out a certain magic item from the item box.

“Oh, that’s…….”

“The Eye of the Holy Dragon. It’s an item I stole from the Marquis Trajan.”

The blue jewel reflected the moonlight and shone mysteriously. Rolling it in the palm of his hand, Shadow chuckled.

“In short, if you find her sister, Lulia will have no regrets and will be able to die, right? If that’s the case, then you can use this to make her wish come true.”

“Luria’s sister, Saria Sablona, died in a battle 50 years ago, didn’t she? How do you expect me to find a dead person?”

“Maybe her sister is a ghost, too. The worst that can happen is that if you find a relic or something, you might be able to use Luria’s necromancy to summon her soul.”

Concluding that it was worth a try, Shadow poured magic power into the “Eye of the Holy Dragon”. The seven-colored haze moves inside the blue bead and forms some kind of shape.

“This is…….”

The image on the screen was that of an old woman lying in bed. Her head was covered with pure white hair, and her arms and legs were as thin as dead trees.

“You don’t think this is Saria Sablona? She survived?”

“What? Is this……?”

“Hmm? Do you know her?”

Sana, who has been peering at the jewel from the side, rolls her eyes. Apparently, she has an idea about the old woman.

“This person is the one who sent the request to the Dark Guild to steal the treasure of Sablona Castle.”


“Lady Saion Lott, a noblewoman from the neighboring Duchy of Trident.”

Apparently, this case has deeper roots than I thought.

(I knew I shouldn’t have taken this job.)

Shadow looked up at the night sky in disgust.

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