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I was sold at the lowest price C97

Episode 97 Carelessness / Linnecarlo


Until the army was ready, we decided to sit in the strategy room and think of a plan to retake Odin.

“What is the strength of the Mardan base?”

It’s only a small supply base with about a hundred magicrafts, so if we attack it with the strength of this fortress, we should be able to take it down quickly.”

“That’s more than five times its strength, so I suppose so.”

“Um……will my Sentor be there too……?”

Arthur asks modestly.

“I don’t know. I’ve only gotten Odin’s information.”

“I see……”

Worst case scenario, I hope my Odin is recovered, but the Highlander’s Arthur is also a force to be reckoned with, and I have a small hope that Sentor will be there.

“For that matter, won’t the rider of the magicraft you are with come here?”

For some reason, Orlea seemed to be very concerned about Emina, who was waiting in the magicraft, and asked me that.

“Oh, you mean Emina, I also see if she wants to get off the magicraft and take a break…….”

“Emina-dono seems to have a deep-seated military temperament, so it’s unlikely that she’ll rest her body unless you force her to.”

“Yes, that’s probably for the best.”

Arthur went to call Emina, but she didn’t come back, so I went to the courtyard of the fortress where Artemis was waiting to see what was going on.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, so it’s better for me to stay in my magicraft.”

“We’re already in friendly territory, there’s no need to be alarmed.”

“How can you so easily trust someone who was your enemy just a moment ago?  Just let me stay here!”

It seems that Emina hasn’t let her guard down yet. It’s true that for people who don’t know the situation between me and Orlea, it might be difficult to convince them that we’ve suddenly become allies…….

“Arthur, that’s enough, I will let Emina have her way.”

“But then Emina-dono’s rest will be…..”


As soon as Arthur came down from the cockpit of Artemis, where he had been arguing with her, it happened.

Suddenly, the soldier behind Arthur hits him in the back of the head. Arthur falls forward slowly as he is…….


The moment I screamed, a sword was attached to my neck…

“Rider! Hurry up and get off the magicraft! If you don’t, the head of the princess is going to fall off!”

The one who shouted that was Orlea, whom I didn’t expect…….

“Orlea……what are you doing……?”

“Hahahaha! Princess Linnecarlo, do you think I’ll always be your only Orlea, unlike you, Commander Cruz accepted me right away.”

Oh shit…….Cruz had read about Orlea’s treason and put up a defense…….

“Quickly, rider! Linnecarlo’s head is about to fall!”

It’s definitely faster for the sword attached to my neck to send my head flying than for Artemis to move and save me. Emina, fully aware of this, slowly climbed down from the magicraft.

“All right, I’m coming down now, put the sword away.”

“That’s fine, I was actually going to make things happen after the rider got off, but……she didn’t get off easily, so I had to play hardball.”

“Orlea, how is it that you asked me who I love when you don’t already have feelings for me……”

“I’m a jealous man, and if you had a lover, I would have blown his head off right there and then.”

I don’t think I understood anything about Orlea…….When I thought about it, I had an indescribably empty feeling.

Me, Emina, and the unconscious Arthur were restrained and had to be transported somewhere.

“Where are you taking us?”

“Mardan base. Oh, yes, it’s true that Odin is in Mardan base, and your sister and the incompetent dukes are also supposed to be transferred there.”


“The reason for this is to turn Mardan Base into a graveyard for your rebels. There are 1,000 magicrafts at Mardan Base ready to intercept any rebels that come to your aid.”

“That’s why Odin is there, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I had planned to lure you out, but it’s quite ironic that you came by yourself.”

“Damn……Orlea……I’ll never forgive you…….”

“Suit yourself, I don’t feel anything now that I have Commander Cruz.”

Cruz……I knew that vixen was going to be the biggest obstacle…….

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  1. NakraL

    I guess Emina’s hunch was correct. They were still the enemy, now then… how would Yuta and Nanami save the day? Knowing that they also have an army by their side, although low in count.
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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