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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C36

C36: The Haunted Castle (10)


“Oh, brother. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Yeah, thanks for waiting.”

After witnessing Mrs. Lott’s last moments, Shadow used transfer magic to return to Sablona Castle. When he entered the castle, strangely enough, the undead who had attacked him incessantly last time had become quiet, and they did not interfere with Shadow’s progress into the depths of the castle.

When Shadow stepped into the treasure room, he was greeted by Luria with a big smile on her face.

“Where have you been? You’re not going anywhere, are you?”

“If it’s okay with Luria, I’d like to live in this castle………”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”

Patting Luria’s head as she hugged him with a smile, Shadow took out the pendant he had kept from the item box.

“I have a gift for you, Luria. Please take it.”

“Present! It’s the first thing I’ve received since my father and sister disappeared! I’m so happy!”

After dropping Mrs. Lott’s pendant onto Luria’s translucent hand, she rolled it around in her tiny hands and eventually widened her eyes.

“This is………my sister’s?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“You met my sister? Where is she?! How is she feeling?”

“Calm down, Luria. Your sister’s right there.”


He pointed to the pendant while calming Luria, who was getting excited like she was on fire.

“Quiet your mind. Feel it. You can do this.”

“……..I don’t know what you’re talking about………”

“It’s okay. I got you.”


I hold Luria’s shoulders to calm her down. The ghost girl in front of me is undoubtedly the best necromancer of her time. If she is calm and feels the soul, there is no way she won’t notice it.


Eventually, a pale blue human soul emerged from the pendant and changed into a human form. It was not an old woman with a head of white hair. She was a young and beautiful woman.


Luria hugged the woman who appeared, Saria Sablona. With tears streaming from her large eyes, she buries her face in the chest of the sister she has finally met.

“Why didn’t you come back? I’ve been waiting for you………!”

“I’m sorry. Luria.”

“You didn’t come back because Luria was a bad girl? I was guarding the treasure the whole time, just like my sister told me to………”

“No, Luria. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay now that you’re back. Sis, sis, sis………sis……….”

Luria and Saria embrace and shed tears for each other. Eventually, the bodies of the two embracing people lost their color and became white grains of light that rose to the heavens.

“Big brother! Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you very much.”

With that last remark, they disappeared, leaving behind their best smiles. Seeing off the two ghosts as they returned to where they belonged, Shadow silently prayed for the souls of the sisters.

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