I was sold at the lowest price C100

I was sold at the lowest price C100

Episode 100 – Viktor’s Light Arrow

100 chapters!!! I can’t believe we reached it so fast. A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me.

It would be too hard to deal with them all at once, so I decided to reduce their numbers while moving around. Making use of my high mobility, which surpassed that of ordinary magicrafts, I moved to avoid being surrounded and destroyed the enemies one by one as they approached.

I fought like that for a while, but there were so many of them that no matter how quickly I moved, my escape route would gradually disappear. At that time, there was a magicraft that approached me while speaking something in a loud voice amplified by the external output sound.

“Hey, you! Stay where you are! I am General Orlea, commander of the Third Magicraft Legion! Put your manhood on the line and fight me!”

Nope, something is wrong with this one……

“How can you say that when you attack me with such a large number of……”

“Hmph……numbers are also power, this is the difference between you and me! If you get down on your knees and beg me, I’ll even accept a one-on-one match with you!”

“No, thanks, it looks like a pain in the ass, and I don’t want to get down on my knees, so why don’t you just come take it with the rest of them?”

“How dare you lump me in with the rest?……Fine, I’ll torture you to death with as many people as you want!”

I noticed that while I was distracted by the conversation with the commander, I was completely surrounded by enemy magicrafts……which is a little bit dangerous…….I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to handle everything.

There was no choice but to fight, and I had to get serious, so I went into Ludia concentration mode……I calmed my consciousness and sank my mind deeper and deeper…..Deeper and deeper than usual…….

I saw a light …… far in the depths of my consciousness…….I reached out to it – and touched something…….At that moment, I heard the voice of a beautiful, transparent woman.

“Authorizing the activation of Ludia concentration mode…Initiating scan to confirm the situation…Detected a large number of hostile magicrafts in all directions on the ground, I suggest we avoid their attacks.”

“What? Who?”

“I am Feri Rudia, Viktor’s support AI, and I advise you to leave the encirclement as soon as possible.”

“We’re completely surrounded. Where are we supposed to run to?”

“Sir, there are no enemy magicrafts in the sky.”

“Wait a minute, Viktor can fly?”

“Viktor’s flying ability is SS class. He can fly fast for short periods of time.”

It’s true that Farma’s Garuda can even fly, so it’s not surprising that this legendary magicraft can fly…….

I sent the image of soaring into the sky to the control sphere – and then I felt a jolt of gravity and soared into the sky.

“Oh, my God! It really flew!”

“The number of enemy magicrafts is approximately 1,000…the range is 2 kilometers…we can destroy all enemy magicrafts by activating Viktor Nova from above… what should we do?”

“Can we destroy all of them with a single attack?”

“Yes, sir. I can’t see any enemy magicrafts that can deploy defensive shields, so we can certainly destroy them.”

“All right, then. Let’s get them!”

“Yes, sir. Master authorization granted. Transforming to Nova mode.”

As she said this, Viktor’s fuselage began to jiggle…As I watched, his arms and legs shifted and changed shape like a puzzle…Eventually they transformed into a cannon.

“Viktor Nova preparation begins – Ludia core, access – spell ‘Inferno’ chanting begins, spell ‘Earthquake’ connected chanting begins, spell ‘Aqua Sphere’ connected chanting begins, spell ‘Tesla Spark’ connected chanting begins – spell ‘Magic Boost’ simultaneous chanting begins – range Selection, position correction, and aiming preparation complete──Victor Nova ready to fire.”

I didn’t know how to shoot it, but I put my hand on the control ball anyway and sent an image of shooting the cannon.

“Activate four-element cannon, Viktor Nova…”

Gwoon! Viktor shuddered loudly…and was enveloped in a violent light…As the light fell to the ground, it caused a huge explosion that swallowed all the magicrafts present.

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