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I was sold at the lowest price C101

I was sold at the lowest price C101: Release and Restraint


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“We’ve completed the annihilation of enemy magicrafts and confirmed that all enemy magicrafts have ceased their operations.”

Feri Rudia reports to me emotionlessly – when I look, there are countless magicrafts lying destroyed on the ground. I flew my Viktor and headed for the forest where Nanami and the others were waiting.

When I met up with Nanami and the others, the riders of the royal guard who had been watching everything came running up to me with their magicrafts.

“You have shown me a miracle! So that’s Viktor’s Light Arrow as they say! You are indeed the second coming of the hero Luzak! I’m proud to fight with you!”

“Most of the enemies are down, it should be easy to overrun the base now, let’s help our allies who are trapped!”


The riders replied cheerfully and began to form up and prepare to head for the base.

“Nanami, I’m going to the base first to kill the rest of the enemies.”

“Okay, okay. Stay alert, Yuta.”

After leaving everyone in Nanami’s hands, I flew back to the base. It’s convenient to be able to fly, after all, and I’ll be there in no time.

At the Mardan base, a single-digit number of magicrafts remained on the defensive. However, they were completely freaked out by the battle they had just seen, and when they saw Viktor, they threw down their weapons and started to run away.

I was waiting for the others to arrive while I went around the base to see if there were any other enemies – then I heard a loud voice calling out for me.

“Yuta! Yuta, I’m here! No, not that way. Look up!”

I looked up and saw Linnecarlo waving at me from the balcony of a tower-like building.

“Linnecarlo, why are you here?”

“We can talk about that later. Can you use Viktor to get me out of here? There are soldiers guarding the outside of the room.”

The tower was too high for Viktor to reach, so I had no choice but to fly slowly near the balcony where Linnecarlo was.

“Okay, hold on to my fingers, Linnecarlo.”

I reached out and said so, but Linnecarlo shook her head, as if she was afraid of heights.

“Don’t be absurd. What if I fall from this height?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“You could put another person in the cockpit.“

Sure, there’s a little bit of space, but I do not want to open the hatch while flying…….

“Feri! I need to get her into the cockpit, is it possible to open the hatch while flying?”

“How long has it been since you’ve been called……Feri – yes, it’s possible, but it can be dangerous if the wind or other factors cause you to lose your balance even slightly, so I recommend that you use the uneven surfaces of the structure to hold the magicraft in place before opening and closing the hatch.”

“I see. Okay, I’ll try.”

As Feri said, I put my foot on the protruding part of the tower to keep the magicraft in place. Then I opened the hatch and guided Linnecarlo to the cockpit, supporting her with my hand to prevent her from falling.

When we reached the cockpit, Linnecarlo walked in briskly and hugged me.

“Hey, keep your hands off the control ball. Back off a little.”

“……It’s no use, we can’t fit two people in this small cockpit otherwise.”

“No, you can. There’s a little space over there.”

“No, we can’t. Let’s get Emina and the others out of here.”

“Are they holding Emina?”

“Yes, and Arthur is being held as well.”

“Well, then we’d better get them out of here.”

It was a little hard to maneuver with Linnecarlo so close to me, but I got Viktor moving and descended to the ground. Just as I was getting on the ground, Nanami and the others arrived at the base. For some reason, Nanami had dragged along the magicraft that the general who had confronted me earlier had been riding.

“Nanami, why are you doing that?”

“Oh, I brought it because everyone said it was a general’s magicraft and we should take him prisoner.”

“Oh, that’s Orlea’s Gadelure, isn’t it?”

Linnecarlo said, seeming to know that magicraft.

“What, why is Linnecarlo in Viktor’s cockpit with Yuta?”

Nanami asked Linnecarlo and forcefully pried open the hatch of the magicraft. The hatch came off easily, as the general’s magicraft had been torn to shreds by Viktor’s attack.

“Gosh……what happened? Fire……rain of light……”

The man inside rolled out of the cockpit, shouting in confusion.

“Orlea! How do you like that? Do you see what a little man you are?”

Linnecarlo told the man who came out.

“Linnecarlo……What happened to me?……Who the hell is your loved one?”

“You’ve been defeated, defeated by a single blow, as you can now clearly see.”

“I lost…….I, a man recognized by Commander Cruz…….Ugh…….”

The man collapsed helplessly on the spot, then soldiers came and restrained him. The haggard man seemed to be saying something with his mouth agape, as if he was desperate for something.

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  1. kenchan223

    “How long has it been since you’ve been called -> “How long has it been since I’ve been called

  2. NakraL

    Now I’m really curious about “Arleo’s” true abilities since nobody else was able to pilot it, will it also have an AI? lol
    Thanks for the chapter ~
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  3. How long has it been since you’ve been called……Feri — I’ve. The AI itself is reminiscing on the fact of it being ages since someone called her(?) name out.

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