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I was sold at the lowest price C102

I was sold at the lowest price C102: Close Contact


The enemy’s magicrafts have fled, so there are only infantry left. My fellow magicrafts are scattered throughout the base, taking control of it.

The enemy soldiers we captured told us the location of our captive allies, and we headed there.

The place where my friends were being held was a warehouse building. It was guarded by about fifty soldiers, who seemed to have been ordered to defend the prison no matter what, and they didn’t try to escape even when I and my ally magicrafts appeared. I had no choice but to deal with them in a way that wouldn’t be lethal.

“Princess Rhydiria!”

The cheers of my fellow riders went up when they saw the person who was rescued from the prison. When I looked, I saw not only Princess Rhydiria, but also Duke Reydemarte, Duke Barelma, and Lord Theseus.

“Sister Rhydiria, I am glad you are safe.”

“Linnecarlo? I’m glad to hear you’re okay.”

Even in this situation of a happy reunion with her sister, Linnecarlo refuses to get off Viktor, which makes no sense when the base is already under control and safe.

Arthur and Emina were also rescued from the prison.

“Yuta! Find my Artemis!”

The first thing Emina said after being rescued was that she was worried about her beloved magicraft, Artemis. To be precise, it doesn’t belong to Emina, it’s just on loan from the Iron Knights, but I won’t say anything about that.

“It seems that my Odin is also in this base, Yuta, so let’s continue to search with Viktor.”

“Ew! Linnecarlo, you’re not going down yet?”

“Not until we find Odin. Come on, come on, let’s find him.”

Linnecarlo hugged my arm tightly as she said this. I don’t understand why she’s hugging me so tightly when there’s probably plenty of room.

Odin, Artemis, and Arthur’s Sentor were found more easily than expected. Well, there were only a limited number of places where magicrafts could be stored, but for some reason Linnecarlo didn’t seem too happy about it.

“Open the hatch, Linnecarlo.”

“……It’s okay if we continue to explore the base.”

“No, what exploring, we saved everyone and found Odin and Artemis, stop making excuses and get off.”

“Well, there’s no other way…….”

Despite the mumbling, Linnecarlo still got out of Viktor. She then immediately boarded Odin – after that, Emina and Arthur also came to this hangar and were happy to be reunited with their beloved magicrafts.

After that, the ride carrier at the base was confiscated and made into a temporary command center, and the leading figures gathered for a strategy meeting.

“Mushym did what he wanted, but we’ll fight back from here.”

They all agreed with Linnecarlo’s words.

“Mushym, who has control of the national army, has many magicrafts forces, and our forces are only the private armies of the three dukes, so we have no chance of winning under the current circumstances…….”

Duke Reydemarte said, and Linnecarlo quickly countered.

“No, that’s okay, we have the legendary magicraft Viktor and Yuta, there’s no need to be afraid of the enemy no matter how large their numbers are.”

“It’s only on magicraft, even if it’s a legendary one that’s…..”

The power of Viktor has just been proven, you may not have seen it since you were trapped in prison, but the arrow of light that wiped out a thousand enemy magicrafts, the divine strike of Viktor, is very powerful.

“I thought it was……exaggerated folklore that the arrow of light……wiped out ……1000 magicrafts in a single blow, but is it true.”

“Linnecarlo, even if this is true, it is not in our best interest to lose any more of the national army, so why don’t we find a way to get rid of Mushym and his faction alone, instead of trying to solve the problem by force?”

As Princess Rhydiria said, the opponents were originally from the same country, and if we destroy too many of them there will be problems in the future.

“That’s true, but I doubt that Mushym will give us a chance…….”

While Linnecarlo was pondering something in silence, a soldier came in energetically.

“I have gotten information from the enemy prisoners that a large army led by Prince Mushym is now marching towards the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory!”

“It looks like the Mushym knows where Yudin is, so we’d better head there right away.”

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