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I was sold at the lowest price C103

Episode 103 Preparations for Protection / Jean


“Iron Knights, Prince Mushym’s army of over 1,000 magicrafts has invaded the Duke of Reydemarte’s territory from all sides, and we are already surrounded with no way out. We will hold off the enemy forces, so please take Crown Prince Yudin and flee.”

The transmission from Duke Caron was a warning of the hopeless situation.

“Tsk…….Alana, you still can’t get in touch with Yuta?”

“No, nothing yet.”

“What do you say, Yudin? Duke Caron and the others want you to run away alone.”

Yudin made a difficult expression as if he was thinking about something, but he quickly looked up and replied, “I can’t abandon my allies who are fighting for me!”

“That being said, Duke Caron, Yudin want to stay here, so the Iron Knights will inevitably join the fight.”

“……Can you at least move the ride carrier that Crown Prince Yudin rides to the center of the army, it would be better for morale.”

“All right, we’ll move right now.”

The enemy army has a force of over 1,000 magicrafts, and we have about 300, so if you think about it normally, there’s no way we can win…….

“Jean, you have a transmission from Emina.”

“Emina, how about that general Linnecarlo knows, did he follow her?”

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.”

“What the hell, what are we going to do, we’re surrounded by over a thousand enemy magicrafts.”

“But we got Linnecarlo’s Odin and Arthur’s Sentor back. Later, I met up with Yuta and Nanami, and we’re on our way there now.”

“Oh, you were able to meet up with Yuta and the others, right, Yuta, Nanami, Linnecarlo, Emina, and Arthur……with that much strength, we can manage, okay, we will hold out until you get here.”

I changed the channel of the spirit box to the common line I had prepared in advance for Duke Caron’s, Duke Reydemarte’s, and Duke Barelma’s armies, and spoke.

“Crown Prince Yudin refused to flee on his own and decided to stay here, saying he couldn’t abandon you, his allies. How would you like to have a man who says this for you to be king? We are promised final victory, soon one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters Linnecarlo will come to reinforce us. If we can protect Yudin until then, we will win. How about it, it’s not that difficult. We just need to buy time, let’s defend rather than attack!”

I’m sure this will boost morale a bit, and all we have to do is stay on the defensive and wait for Yuta and the others to arrive.

“Jean, you might be a good commander. Not a bad speech.”

“I’m a big talker. It’s the least I can do.”

I said, and Alana smiled and got up from the chair she was sitting in.

“Lorgo, Farma, we’ve got work to do.”

“Oh, Yudin, protect…….”

“I’ll do my best too. If Yuta and the others come back, we can definitely win.”

“Don’t overdo it, guys. We’re just trying to buy some time until Yuta and the others get back.”

“Excuse me, everyone…….Please take care…….”

Alana reacted to Yudin’s words.

“Don’t be afraid future king, you can thank me later with something tangible.”


As Alana and the others left, the enemy army came closer and closer until they could be seen. There were so many of them that my back started to sweat when I thought they were going to attack us.

Yuta, Linnecarlo, come on, I don’t think we can hold out much longer…….

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    Kinda annoying that the word size keeps resetting. had to set it the smallest possible because looking at it while bold and big size isn’t helping.

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    I think they’ll need to kill Mushym off in order for this country to have some stability
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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