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I was sold at the lowest price C104

Episode 104 Evil Woman / Cruz


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The communications soldier was working in front of me in frustration, playing with a number of spirit boxes. I called out loudly and repeatedly, but there was no response from them.

“I still haven’t been able to reach General Orlea.”

“We’re using all means of communication…….Unconfirmed reports say that General Orlea’s army has already been wiped out…….”

“Wiped out……General Orlea has a large army of 1,000 magicrafts entrusted to him, what would he have to deal with to be wiped out?”

“Oh, it’s……unconfirmed information and…….”


“Who needs a mouth that can’t give a straight answer?”

Irritated by the words, I cut the soldier’s mouth open with a knife.


“The soldier held his mouth and rolled around on the floor – the sight of him made me feel a little better.”

“Cruz, don’t stain my ride carrier with filthy blood.”

“I’m sorry, Prince Mushym, but these soldiers have irritated me.”

“Hey, you’re an eyesore, take that guy rolling around out of here.”

Thank God he’s a prince who knows what he’s talking about, that’s why we need him to be king…….But really, what is Orlea doing, I gave him this beautiful body so he wouldn’t turn on Linnecarlo and he’s useless……

“Cruz, you’re not going to lose this battle, are you? We’ve got Duke Hormel’s private army and Prime Minister Brom’s troops. If we lose, there won’t be anything left.”

“It’s not possible. There’s a five-fold difference in strength, and while the other side has only private soldiers, the majority of our forces are regular soldiers from the national army, overwhelming in number and quality.”

“But there is a rider over there that defeated twelve of the SS elite, plus the national treasure, Viktor……to move that thing…….”

“Hmm, Viktor is an antique, he must have moved by mistake, and moreover, the twelve elite members of the SS that the rider defeated, I can do the same.”

“Surely you, a triple Highlander, can do that, then, when that thing comes out, you’ll go out and clean it up?”

“If that’s what you wish, I can make that happen.”

“Then I feel relieved, Linnecarlo’s Odin is in our hands, and we have nothing to fear.”

In this situation where Orlea may have screwed up, it’s possible that Odin has been recaptured by Linnecarlo. If it’s Linnecarlo or the rider who defeated the 12 SS members, I’m fine on my own, but it’s tough to take on both of them at the same time…….

“Prince Mushym, may I activate that magicraft that I secretly purchased from the Radol Company?”

“Do we really need to send out that 12-billion-gold magicraft against an opponent who can’t defeat us? You said it was a secret weapon for emergencies.”

“I have a few concerns about this fight, and I thought I shouldn’t leave anything to chance.”

“In that case, you’re allowed to go out and smash the enemy’s army once and for all!”

“Yes, sir!”

I turned around and gave this command to my subordinates.

“Prepare my Arc Angel! Also, hurry up and prepare Gigantomachia for launch!”

My men responded loudly to the order and moved quickly to carry it out. I take off my hard-to-move commander’s uniform and change into my rider’s suit – suddenly naked in the main room of the ride carrier, my subordinates pretend not to see me and look away, but they are still glancing at me. That’s fine, they should realize that my very existence is a reward.

When I finished changing, I headed for the hangar. I can’t wait to see how the enemy army reacts when they see Gigantomachia…

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