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I was sold at the lowest price C105

Episode 105 Defense Battle / Alana


“Lorgo, we’ve got an enemy unit coming in. Move in front and stop it.”


“Farma, aim at stationary enemies, because you can’t hit the ones that are moving.”

“Yeah, got it.”

The defensive capabilities of Ganesha, which Lorgo rides, are quite impressive. Long-range attacks such as the enemy’s arrows were repelled, and melee attacks such as swords and spears didn’t seem to cause any serious damage.

Farma shot the enemies that Lorgo had stopped from the sky with her arrows. The accuracy of the shots was high, and Farma’s arrows were aimed precisely at the weak points of the enemy magicrafts.

I target and destroy the enemies that Lorgo was unable to stop.

Four magicrafts charged towards the ride carrier after passing by Lorgo. I put Bercya in a low position to save my strength, then aimed at the enemies that had broken through and accelerated at once. While spinning, I plunged into the enemies and used the momentum of the rotation to swing my sword and disassemble the four magicrafts at once.

Three more enemy magicrafts passed by Lorgo, and headed for Bercya, it seemed like they were trying to get rid of the obstacle first.

I pierced the neck of the enemy magicraft in front of me with the sword in my right hand, and swung the left one horizontally, sending the head of another enemy magicraft flying. I kicked up and eliminated the magicraft that had been pierced in the neck and had fallen toward me, and then I crossed both of my twin swords over the last one that was behind me and cut it in half.

However, we are in the center position, and considering that so many enemy magicrafts are breaking through our side’s defense line, the situation on the front line is not good, I wish I could be on the front line, but it seems difficult to defend this place with only Lorgo and Farma.

“Jean, what’s the status of our allies on the front line?”

“We’re doing the best we can, but there are too many of them. The situation is getting worse and worse.”

“How long do you think it will take Yuta and the others?”

“I don’t know, maybe they’re concentrating on moving, but we’ve lost contact with them.”

What to do……Let Lorgo and Farma take over here and go to the frontline……As I was struggling, about ten magicrafts approached us. I tensed up for a moment, but they didn’t seem to be enemies.

“Members of the Iron Knights, we are here to defend the Ride Carrier by the order of Duke Caron.”

Duke Caron must have been on a tight leash, but he still sent us reinforcements.

“That’s great. Lorgo, Farma, you protect these guys and the ride carrier, I’ll go forward and push the enemy back.”

“Okay…… Lorgo……I’ll do my best.”

“Alana, be careful.”

It would be very difficult to defend the ride carrier if the front line collapsed, so I decided to leave this to them and reinforce the front.

The situation at the front was worse than I had imagined. There were far more enemy magicrafts than there were allies, and the few allies were supporting each other to defend themselves.

I concentrate on Ludia – I synchronize with Bercya with the feeling that I will defeat all my enemies – my eyes glow and Bercya responded to my feelings.

Don’t make any unnecessary movements, destroy the enemy with a single blow, move efficiently, and defeat as many enemies as quickly as possible… I muttered this in my head as if I were giving myself a suggestion, and conveyed the image of movement to Bercya’s control sphere.

I swing my sword as if I was dancing while moving at high speed – it takes less than a second for me to slaughter one enemy magicraft and move on, saving the magicrafts of my allies.

Just when I thought the battle situation was getting better, I felt a strong impact on Bercya. It was as if Bercya and I had hit a large wall, and was flung backwards.

“Damn it……what the hell?”

I looked and there was a wall. No, what I thought was a wall was the body of a magicraft……It was also the most massive magicraft I’ve ever seen.

“Tsk……what the hell is this monster……?”

The giant magicraft has a large club in each hand, and swung it around, lashing out at my surrounding allies. It’s fast for such a large figure, and its armor looks thick and powerful…….

Even the allies seem to be startled by the huge enemy……. I felt that the presence of this thing was bad, and I immediately moved to eliminate this monster.

While dodging the attacks of the clubs, I go behind the huge magicraft and attack its legs with my twin swords…

Click… It seemed to have thick armor and defensive capabilities as it looked. My twin swords made of magnetite were easily repelled.

“This is tricky…….”

I couldn’t immediately think of a way to attack a type of enemy that I had never fought before.

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