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I was sold at the lowest price C106

I was sold at the lowest price C106: To the Battlefield


On the way to Duke Reydemarte’s territory, Jean and Emina talked, and it seems that Jean’s situation is quite bad. I tried to fly, thinking that it would be better for me to go ahead alone.

“Master, the activation of Viktor Nova and continuous flight has caused a shortage of stored Aether. In addition, the wear and tear on the Ludia core has resulted in reduced performance, please perform core maintenance.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You won’t be able to fly much longer. You’ll need to replenish the ether.”

“How do I replenish the ether?”

“Aether will accumulate naturally, but it will take time, so I recommend using an aether pot or something similar to restore it as soon as possible.”

“There’s no such thing as an aether pot.”

“Then you’ll have to wait for the aether to recover naturally.”

“How long will that take?”

“At this level of aether, it will take about 10.368.000 seconds to recover.”

I don’t know how long that period is but I know it won’t be a quick recovery.

“What will happen if the Aether stays this way?”

“Viktor’s functions will be severely restricted.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“You will not be able to use Viktor Nova, and with the current level of aether, your flight time will be limited to 300 seconds, you will also not be able to deploy the defensive shield.”

“I guess I can’t fly over there anymore…….”

“Master, the condition of the Ludia core wear is also serious, please perform core maintenance as soon as possible.”

“What is core maintenance?”

“It’s the optimization of the Ludia core by a core technician.”

Can I ask Liza to be my core technician?

“I can’t do maintenance right now, what happens if we keep fighting like this?”

“Performance is still significantly reduced. In the worst case scenario, a malfunction in the Ludia core could cause it to stop functioning.”

It would be a disaster if it stopped in the middle of a battle…….But even if I were to switch to Arleo, my magicraft is still over there.

“Feri, I’m currently unable to perform maintenance or replenish the aether, but I still need to fight with Viktor, can you help me avoid shutting down?”

“I understand, and I will suggest the best course of action.”

It was a few hours later that we arrived at Duke Reydemarte’s estate.

“Good, it looks like they are still fighting.

Linnecarlo said, relieved to see the fierce battle going on.

“Jean, what’s the situation?”

“Emina, you’re late! The situation is bad, we are just barely holding on, come to the rescue quickly!”

“I’ll be right there! Yuta, you heard him, let’s head to the rescue quickly.”

“All right.”

I wonder if I can fly from here…….As I was thinking that, Linnecarlo stopped us for some reason.

“Wait a minute! That’s Mushym’s ride carrier over there…….”


It appears that our late arrival has put us in the rear of Mushym’s main force…….We can target Mushym directly from here.

“All right! Let’s get rid of Mushym!”

“Hey, what about the rescue?”

“Let’s split up, me and Yuta will take care of Mushym, and Emina and the others will go to the rescue.”

“Are you sure you two can handle the enemy’s main force?”

“I’m one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters and Yuta has a legendary magicraft, there’s no problem.”

It’s true that Linnecarlo and I can do whatever we want.

At this point, we split into two groups: Linnecarlo and I will attack the main enemy force to take out Mushym. Emina, Nanami, and Arthur were to lead the royal guards to the rescue of Jean and the others.

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  1. 10.368.000 seconds to recover /60 to get minutes
    172,800 minutes to recover /60 to get hours
    2,880 hours to recover /24 to get days
    120 days to recover.

    Your logic:
    12 days * 24 for hours
    288 hours * 3600 for seconds OR * 60 for minutes which is 17,280 * 60 for seconds
    1,036,,800 seconds = Missing 9,331,200 seconds

    Check YOUR math. Or get new glasses. Or go get a dyslexia test done.
    If you still want to claim you’re correct, even with your errors, I sure hope you’re not responsible for any financial decisions.

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