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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C38

C38: The characters (4)


Kagehiko Kurono (Phantom Thief Shadow)

Formerly the [Sage] of the Heroic Party, now a [Thief].

With the accomplishment of this request, he has acquired a new hideout. He got his dream home with the collection room he always wanted.

Although he’s taken the trouble to get a hideout, unfortunately it came with a roommate. He also didn’t know why Sana was living in the castle.

His recent favorite thing to do is to sip a glass of wine while admiring the treasures he acquired. Since he is not a drinker and cannot drink alcohol, he drinks grape juice.



A waitress at a diner, but she is also an agent of the Dark Guild.

She helps Kagehiko with his requests at Sablona Castle. After Kagehiko acquired Sablona Castle as his hideout, she secretly remodeled the castle’s guest room into her own room. The wall of the room is decorated with a framed amulet of the God of Boobs.

Her recent favorite activity is push-ups. Five push-ups is her limit.


Luria Sablona

A Wraith girl who lives in Sablona Castle. She kept her sister’s words and continued to protect the family heirlooms even after her death.

Even before she died, she had a talent for [necromancy] and had the power to summon undead. Since becoming a Wraith, her power has grown even stronger, and she is now able to summon so many undead that their numbers rival the army of a country.

She was unable to pass through the gates of heaven due to the sin of killing all the adventurers who were looking for treasure. She is afraid to go to hell alone, so she waits for Kagehiko to die.

Her latest obsession is dress-up dolls. She dresses the skeletons she summons in various outfits and is particularly passionate about maid outfits. She has dressed about 30 skeletons as maids to greet Kagehiko when he returns home.


Saria Sablona (Baroness Lott)

Luria’s older sister. A noblewoman of the Duchy of Trident.

She left Luria at the castle when Sablona Castle fell 50 years ago, and as a result, sent her to her death. Her guilt over letting Luria die has made her mentally ill. She asks the Dark Guild to steal the treasures of Sablona Castle in order to bring Luria to peace. Incidentally, the heirloom is not much of a treasure.

After her death, she is finally reunited with Luria, and the two of them ascend to heaven together. She goes through the gates of heaven first, and after entering heaven, she learns that Luria has been rejected at the gates. She is also sick at heart for having left her sister behind, and spends her days wetting her pillow. It’s not fun at all, even though it’s heaven. In a way, she is the biggest victim in this story.

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