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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C39

C39: Swimming in Gold (1)


The ocean was in the midst of a storm. Waves were rolling up and flying in the air. Countless raindrops slapped against the surface of the sea, and a curtain of water covered all sides, making it impossible to even see beyond our noses.

A ship is sailing through such a raging sea. It endured the rain that poured down like arrows. Slicing through the waves that undulate like a snake. It just goes on and on.

“Captain, we can’t maintain the ship at this rate! We’re going to sink!”

“Don’t give up until the end! We’ve got to get to land!”

The captain shouted at the sailors to blow away their screams. However, the captain himself already felt that their fate was nearing its end. It had been several hours since the ship had been caught in the storm. The ship had already reached its limits. The ship’s rudder had already lost its function. Unable to see left or right, the ship was tossed about blindly by the waves and wind. At that moment, a sailor on the mast shouted out.

“Captain, look ahead!”

“What the hell?”

“Land! I see land up ahead!”

“Oh, my God! Are you sure?”

A word of salvation came from the top of the mast. The captain gazed ahead of the ship as if clinging to it. The sun was already setting, and there was no light from the lighthouse to be seen, but a flash of lightning from a break in the clouds revealed the shadow of a huge island ahead of the ship.

“That’s it!”

The captain clenched his fist in jubilation. He still had some luck left.

“The goddess has not forsaken us! Everyone, brace yourselves. Just a little more patience! We’ll keep sailing to the island!”


The ship frantically waded through the waves to approach the island. On the huge island, no lights of the city or trees of the forest could be seen. It was a strange island with no name, but compared to drifting through the stormy sea, it was like paradise.


“We made it!”

The sailors shouted with joy as they reached the point where they could almost touch the island. They had made it to land without losing any of their friends in this storm. The captain breathed a sigh of relief.




“It’s a monster! Run!”

Suddenly, the island began to move. Large eyeballs appeared on either side of the island, staring at their ship with gleaming eyes. It was coming towards the ship like a huge wave that was far bigger than the storm.

“No! This is not an island, this is……!”

The captain could not finish what he was saying. The huge island opened its huge mouth and swallowed the ship, then sank its huge body straight into the sea.

The moment the monster disappeared into the ocean floor, a huge column of water erupted from above it. A low whistling sound echoed in the stormy sea, and the sea was once again enveloped in the clamor of the storm.

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