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I was sold at the lowest price C107

I was sold at the lowest price C107: The Battle of the Giants / Alana


I bit my lip at the situation, wanting to complain about……if only Yuta were here. Most of my attacks didn’t work, and I had to do my best to dodge and protect my allies from the attacks of that powerful club.

It was a huge magicraft that had been chasing Bercya for a while, but it suddenly stopped moving, then looked in one direction and changed its course.

It’s heading for the ride carrier……

Worst of all, the giant magic machine began to move towards the ride carrier – we can’t let this thing near the ride carrier, this behemoth could easily destroy it……

I continued to attack the giant magicraft as I circled around it. The legs of the giant magic machine have thick armor, however, if that’s all there was to it, Bercya’s twin swords could cut through it, but they couldn’t penetrate the armor, as if some kind of defense mechanism was at work.

What to do……This thing is made to be extremely strong against attacks from below, probably because of its huge size…….

There was no way to stop the giant magicraft, and I found myself allowing it to approach very close to the ride carrier. However, from here I can launch a coordinated attack with Lorgo and Farma, who are defending the ride carrier.

“Lorgo, stop that thing!”

Lorgo steps in front of the giant magicraft. The two large shields attached to Ganesha’s hands are held forward, and he hits the giant magic machine in the foot…….The sound of something creaking echoed, stopping the giant magicraft from moving forward.

“Farma, aim for the head of the giant magicraft!”

The head is filled with functions that serve as the rider’s eyes, and if we destroy it, they won’t be able to do anything.

As I told her, Farma drew her Arrow and aimed it at the head of the giant magicraft. And then, as though releasing the stored power, she released the Arrow at once. A high-pitched clang sounded, shaking the head of the giant magicraft, but that was it, the Arrow bounced back, not even damaging the head.

“Guh……Alana……Ode……I can’t hold back anymore……”

The power of the giant magicraft seemed to exceed Ganesha’s, and he began to lose ground.

Damn……is there a weakness……?


With that, Lolgo’s Ganesha was flung away by the giant magicraft.


The moment the giant magicraft was about to move forward, it was hit by a quadrupedal magicraft running at great speed from the side. The huge body of the giant magicraft shook unsteadily after the hit from Arthur’s Sentor.


Arthur’s Sentor’s assault threw the giant magicraft off balance and made it dizzy. Vajra jumps high and hits the body of the giant magicraft with the shield in her left hand. The giant magicraft, which had lost its balance, fell to the ground.

“Alana! Aim for the gaps in the armor!”

As Emina shouted this, her Artemis appeared in front of me with a buzzing sound. Artemis had already taken aim with her bow gun.

I let Bercya run and stabbed my twin swords into the gap in the armor of the fallen giant magicraft. At that moment, the bow gun fired by Emina pierced the eyeball on the head of the giant machine.

The giant magic machine tried to stand up; however, it was still dizzy and unsteady due to the loss of it’s eye.

“Now is the time! Iron Knights, attack at once!”

In response to my voice, everyone began to move at the same time. Lorgo stood up, held the shields of both arms in front of him, and vigorously hit the giant magicraft with his body. Arthur’s Sentor turned and gained momentum, then charged with his lance outstretched.

Farma launched an arrow at the gap in the armor on his shoulder, and with excellent aim, she stuck the arrows into the small gap. Nanami ran up using the protruding legs of the giant magicraft as a foothold and swung her sword at the gap in the back.

Emina fired her bow gun repeatedly at the base of the arm, aiming at the joint. I jumped high, using Lolgo’s Ganesha as a stepping stone, then spun Bercya around fast enough to gain momentum and slashed at the neck of the giant magicraft.

With that blow, the head of the giant magic machine was blown off – and it collapsed helplessly, spewing a white vapor-like substance from its body.

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  1. Ngl , when i imagine what really happened there , it literally blew my mind straight away.i gotta admit that this is one of the best chapter.

    Thx for the chapter and cant wait for the next one

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