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I was sold at the lowest price C108

Episode 108 Two of the Strongest


“There are more enemies than I thought, Yuta, can’t you take them out instantly with that light arrow you used at the base?”

“Sorry, that one doesn’t work anymore.”

“Well, then it’s going to be a pain in the ass, but we’ll just have to keep plowing through.”

Linnecarlo doesn’t seem to be that disappointed that I can’t use Viktor Nova. I guess that’s how much she believes in her own power and the power of Viktor.

The enemy seemed to have noticed our presence, and about fifty magicrafts came towards us.

“Let’s get them out of the way first.”

As Linnecarlo lightly waved her staff, a number of lightning balls appeared and shot towards the approaching enemies. The ones that were hit by the lightning balls made a cracking sound and collapsed on the spot.

I will fly Viktor and get behind the enemy group, it’s only a 10 second flight so it won’t be a problem.

After circling around to the rear and knocking down the enemy magicraft at the far end, I took the large sword it was carrying. I swung the sword out horizontally and destroyed the two enemies that were approaching to intercept me, splitting them in two. When I looked at Linnecarlo, I saw that she had already taken out more than ten of them and was about to unleash another ranged attack.


Lightning flashes and lightning bolts scatter all around. Dozens of magicrafts were destroyed by the lightning storm. I can’t afford to lose, so I accelerate into the group of enemies and swing my large sword around myself, slicing four of them in half at once.

Suddenly, a sword swung down from behind me. Sensing the presence of an attack, I dodged it and flicked away the attacking enemy magicraft with my left elbow. And as I raised my sword to put an end to it, I realized that the magicraft that was attacking me was that of my classmate Mamoru Mikage, whom I had fought before. I couldn’t help but call out over the external output sound.


“Is that Yuta’s voice?”

“Are you still fighting for Mushym? You should know better, he’s the worst kind of man. If he becomes king, this country will be finished.”

“But I’m…….”

As Mikage was about to say something, a familiar magicraft appeared again, I believe it was the magicraft of the captain of the Kingdom’s SS.

“Guard! What are you doing! Get up and fight!”

“Captain Bilkea, I’m already at…….”

“There is no time for whining! This is an order from Commander Cruz!”


When Mikage heard the name “Commander Cruz”, he showed signs of fear – who the heck is Cruz……my question was soon answered.

“Yuta! It’s dangerous!”

Suddenly Linnecarlo’s voice rises, and I feel a sickening sense of urgency to kill him.

From above, I saw that the ground where I was had been deeply gouged.

“Tsk, I wish you hadn’t said that……Linnecarlo, when I had the chance to put Viktor away.”

The magicraft that said so in the external output sound looked like an angel with wings.

“Cruz, it looks like Mushym is finally running out of cards since you show up.”

“Oh my, we have the advantage in the battle, I came out because I wanted to kill you with my own hands.”

“Do you really think Ark Angel can defeat Odin?”

“Hmm, don’t think you’d be better than us forever, this Ark Angel is different from the one you know! Besides, we have a very special secret weapon reserved for you.”

As if waiting for Cruz to finish his words, two ride carriers approached us – and their hatches opened with a squeaking sound. A huge magic magicraft emerged from inside……much bigger than the biggest magicraft I know of, Ganesha of Lorgo.

“The magicraft Gigantomachia! It’s a new standard magicraft developed by the Radol Company, it has three Ludia cores and is piloted by three riders, so it has the power of three Ludia values. I bought three of them, and sent one of them out to kill Yudin, but I kept these two for Linnecarlo, and Viktor’s rider.”

I was a little intimidated by the sheer size of the thing, but I was convinced that we were not going to lose.

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