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I was sold at the lowest price C109

Episode 109 The Final Battle


There are two huge magicrafts, plus ten SS and Cruz that Linnecarlo and I need to defeat right now.

“Linnecarlo, let’s go all out!”

“Of course I will, it’s been a long time since I fought for real!”

I immediately concentrated my Ludia – every time my consciousness dives deeper, a rainbow colored aura appears around Viktor. Linnecarlo also began to focus her Ludia, and Odin was also surrounded by a golden aura.

“Ludia aura as visible to the eye… Not just Linnecarlo’s Odin, but Viktor as well…. Damn……they’re both monsters. I hate you! SS! Gigantomachia, kill these bastards quickly!”

One of the giant magicrafts slowly approaches and raises a huge axe. Before the axe is swung down, Viktor flies and rises right above it. I swung my large sword in the air, and then descended at once to slam it into the giant magicraft. The sword cut the giant machine in two from the neck to the waist area in one fell swoop.

Linnecarlo’s Odin raised his staff high and shouted as he pointed it at the SS magic machines that had begun to move.

“Giga Tempest!”

The space slightly in front of Odin was distorted, and as a fierce light radiated out, countless lightning bolts raging around him appeared and swallowed the SS’s magicrafts – the sound of the lightning striking violently echoed, and one by one, the machines could be seen collapsing.

“Linnecarlo! Behind you!”

The other giant magicrafts circled behind Odin and was about to swing its huge club down on Linnecarlo, who had an opening due to the activation of her big move.

“Tesla shield!”

Linnecarlo shouted, pointing her staff straight up, and a pale, translucent dome appeared to surround Odin. The club that was swung down hit the pale dome and bounced back.

I approached the giant machine from the air and swung my sword horizontally, slicing off its massive head. After losing it’s head the giant magicraft collapsed.

“Valvolt Lightning!”

A swirling thunderbolt shot out from the tip of Odin’s staff and struck the body of the giant magicraft. The exterior of the giant machine was peeled off and it’s huge body fell apart as if it was being disassembled.

“Uu……No way……is this the true power of the Twelve Heavenly Masters…….?

Linnecarlo said coldly to Cruz, who lost her voice in surprise as all her allies were defeated.

“Cruz, it seems you didn’t understand anything about my power. Did you think you could defeat me with just a giant magicraft and a dozen or so SS? And my partner is even more powerful, a legendary……class. You’re clearly not strong enough to take on the two of us.”

“Geez……shut up! I’m the strongest woman you’ve ever met! Look at this spear of light! This is a super weapon with a Ludia core and an orichalcone built into the weapon itself, let it be extinguished by the light of my judgment!”

“Is that what you call being different from the Ark Angel of the past? Weapons are only as good as the people who use them, it’s naive to think you’ve gained power from them.”

“Silence! Now, receive the fury of the gods!”

Cruz shouted as she pointed his spear at us. Some kind of light began to gather at the tip of the spear.

“Master, I see signs of a high-powered heat ray attack, unlikely to be fatal but possible to cause damage, so I suggest evasion.”

Viktor might be damaged……That means it’s pretty powerful……I thought about it and quickly jumped in front of Odin. The light from Cruz’s spear strikes Viktor.


Linnecarlo shouted loudly in concern. However, as Feri advised that the wound was unlikely to be fatal, Viktor was not seriously damaged.

“No way! I can’t believe there’s a magicraft that doesn’t fall under this attack……. What’s with that antique!”

I approached the surprised Cruz’s Ark Angel and slashed at it with my sword. Cruz took the attack with her left hand as quickly as she could. The Ark Angel’s left hand was cut off and sent flying by the sword.

“You monster! I will not die here!” Ark Angel said and turned around.

“Yuta! Cruz is trying to escape! Ark Angel can fly so we have to stop her immediately…….”

As soon as I heard this, I reached out and grabbed one of the large wings of the Ark Angel. I pulled with all my strength and ripped the wing off. The Ark Angel had lost one of its wings, but it took off into the sky so I tried to fly after it.

“Master, it’s no good. The heat ray attack just now has drained the aether. There’s not enough ether left to fly.”

“What? Damn!”

The Ark Angel flew away, dizzy and unbalanced from the loss of one of its wings.

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  1. kenchan223

    Linnecarlo’s Odin raised his staff high and shouted as he pointed it -> Linnecarlo’s Odin raised her staff high and shouted as she pointed it

  2. tutturuu~

    It seems that the giganto-something already defeated, so the ark angel escaped by flying

  3. NakraL

    “Master, it’s no good. The heat ray attack just now has drained the aether. There’s not enough ether left to fly.”
    Got confused on this line… Did the giant Magicraft escape or did it suddenly fall? xD
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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