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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C43

C43: Swimming in Gold (5)


A medium-sized fishing boat cut through the waves as it made its way through the sea. The sun was shining brightly, as if the storm the other day had been a lie, and it was the perfect day to go fishing.

However, there were no fishing boats in the sea except for the one with Kagehiko and Nono. It seems that everyone is afraid of the millennial whale, so they are afraid to sail.

“Now that we’ve come this far, there’s no turning back. Are you ready?”

“Of course, Captain. We’re not going back to land until we find the gold……and the millennial whale.”

Nono laughed in admiration. As she laughed, her sharp fangs, typical of a beast, peeked out from the edge of her mouth.

“How do we know where the whales are, anyway? We’re not just sailing around in the dark, are we?”

“Of course not! We’ve been chasing whales for five millennia, and I know all the waters where they feed!”

She was so proud of herself. Nono was dressed in a healthy-looking shirt and shorts that showed off her navel, but unfortunately her style was not that great. Her breasts, glimpsed through the breast area of her shirt, were so precipitous that I wanted to curse God.

“I know that flirting is a man’s idea of romance, but……”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, it’s more like, why has Nono’s family been chasing whales for a thousand years? I’d like to know.”

I can’t help but understand the feeling of wanting to avenge the death of my family. But that doesn’t mean anything if I die.

“Hmm, if you think I’m trying to avenge the death of my mother or grandmother…you’re wrong! The only reason I’m chasing millennial whales is because I want to try …………!”


The words that came out of Nono’s mouth were unexpected.

“Our family, the proud lionesses, has been searching for unknown flavors for generations! And it is the longing of our family to taste all the fish that live in this sea! The millennial whale, which has lived for hundreds and thousands of years and has concentrated its flavor, must be an absolutely delicious fish!”

“……I see.”

Would she be offended if I said, “Whales are not fish, they are mammals?” Anyway, I wondered how stubborn the family was, risking their lives to fight a giant whale for such a reason. Did Nono’s mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-grandmother want to eat the millennium whale that badly?

” Nya, we’ll stop the ship around here.”

“Hmm? What’s here?”

“This is where the millennium whales bait. We’ll set a trap here and ambush them.”

Nono brings a large fishing pole from the cabin. The small girl shows a monstrous strength that does not suit her thin arms and throws it down into the sea.

“Stuffed with squid entrails, a favorite food of whales. It should bring them closer to the ship.”

“What if they do? Won’t we be the whale’s bait?”

“Don’t worry. I have a secret weapon.”

Nono leaves Kagehiko behind and slithers up the mast. Standing at the very top of the ship, she has a 360-degree view of her surroundings.

“……Oh dear, she’s really like a cat in this way.”

The sight of Nono on top of the mast, keeping a watchful eye on the area, made her look like a cat climbing a tree looking for food. Kagehiko was only interested in the gold that the millennium whale had swallowed. He had no obligation to help Nono with her work. But when he imagined the girl in front of him being cruelly turned into whale bait, he could not remain calm.

“I don’t want to see a beautiful girl die in front of my eyes.”

Kagehiko let out a long breath and activated his magic. 4th Rank Magic [Search Warding] set up a magic net over a long distance to warn him when a millennial whale appears.


A ridiculously huge shadow was caught in the search magic range and it was closing in on the ship.

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