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I was sold at the lowest price C110

I was sold at the lowest price C110: The end of the prince


Cruz has escaped, but Mushym’s main force has been wiped out by me and Linnecarlo. All that was left was the ride carrier that he was riding.

“Give up, Mushym! Falsifying the results of the succession vote and attempting to eliminate the crown prince, Yudin, will not be tolerated!”

Linnecarlo, who was standing in front of Mushym’s ride carrier, holding her staff, said this over the external output sound.

“I’m the one who won the throne vote! What evidence do you have against me? You’re the ones who were not satisfied with the result of the throne succession vote and went on a rampage!”

A liar is a liar no matter what, and no matter what happens to him, he will never be able to change his attitude.

“Let’s publish the details of the vote here. Tell me! Who voted for whom? There were nine voters. Name the people who voted for you!”

Linnecarlo was very swift with her words.

“…..Bildello and Lindyl……Brom and Duke Holomel………….”

Mushym says this in a slightly weak tone of voice…….His mouth stops when he says the 4th name, because only 4 people voted for him.

“There are nine voters, there must be at least one more, but who is it?” “Ugghhh………”

“It’s impossible that the Dukes of Caron, Reydemarte and Barelma, who are on Yudin’s side, voted for you, of course I did not vote for you, then who voted for you? I don’t know!”

“Ugh……annoying! It’s Rhydiria! Rhydiria voted for me!”

In anguish, he shouts out the name of the last voter, whose name was not mentioned, but…

“Don’t lie, Mushym! I did not vote for you.”

The ride carrier with Princess Rhydiria and the Duke of Caron approached, and she corrected Mushym’s statement.

“Geez……shut up, shut up! There’s no point in voting for the throne in the first place! I’m the first prince, I’m supposed to be the king! We don’t need a weak king like Yudin in this country!”

“You admit that you falsified the results of the throne vote?”

“I’m……! What the hell is wrong with you people? What are you doing? I’m the king! Don’t you dare touch me like that! Oh……………”

Mushym’s external output sound was disturbed, and after a while, another person began to speak.

“Princess Linnecarlo, I am General Libra of the national army. I’m sorry, it seems we’ve been deceived as well. We now have the renegade Mushym in custody. We will hand him over to you immediately. I have also ordered a ceasefire for all troops, so the fighting will stop immediately.”

It seems that the soldiers who learned the truth have turned against the Mushym – this will finally end the mess in this country.

“Oh, Yuta, looks like it’s over.”

The battle was over, and the ride carrier that Jean and the others were riding was approaching, protected by a large number of magicrafts.

“Jean, are you all right?”

“Yeah, the Iron Warriors did a great job protecting Yudin.”

I was relieved to see that everyone seemed to be safe.

Mushym was captured and taken to the royal palace. He will be given a proper trial there.

“I wonder where Cruz ran off to.”

“She’s a vicious woman who misbehaves everywhere she goes, so I’m not going to let her go. I’ll send out a message to the whole country to get her.”

“I’m sure she realized that and will flee the country soon.”

“……You’re right, I should have put a stop to that.”

If Viktor’s ether hadn’t been leaked at that time, I could have definitely captured her…….

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  1. [If Viktor’s ether hadn’t been leaked at that time, I could have definitely captured her…….]

    or you could have throw a weapon but you are stupid so we can’t blame you

  2. NakraL

    I guess this is the end of the civil war in that country xD
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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