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I was sold at the lowest price C111

Episode 111 Battle Scars


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Linnecarlo’s father, the current King of Meltaria, had died – just after the battle with Mushym was over.

Although Linnecarlo has always been a stout, high-flying girl, the death of her father seemed to have been enough to turn her into a normal, quiet girl. She was listless and depressed for a while.

Immediately after the king’s funeral, the formal succession ceremony for Yudin was held in a hurry. When Yudin became king and the current situation in the country was investigated, the misdeeds of the Mushym faction came out one after another.

First, the Duke of Holomel, who was stripped of his title, had his property confiscated, and was banished from the country for persecuting his subjects, misappropriating state funds, and participating in Mushym’s rampage. It is doubtful that the duke could survive being thrown out of the country penniless.

The second prince, Bildero, and the second princess, Lindyl, were stripped of their royal status and imprisoned in a remote area for the merciless killing of their people and misappropriation of state funds.

Prime Minister Brom has atoned for his crimes by losing his own life, and his family was granted a pardon with only a downgrade in rank.

Also, a man named General Orlea was stripped of his status and sentenced to thirty years of labor.

And the ringleader, Mushym…

“Even though he is a member of the royal family, he is the ringleader of this mess, and considering the viciousness of his countless crimes in the past, we have no choice but to execute him, and therefore, we sentence First Prince Mushym to beheading.”

When the verdict came, I didn’t miss the slight clouding of Linnecarlo’s expression. After all, even she would not feel very good since her brother was about to be beheaded.

Now that the turmoil in the Kingdom of Meltaria is over, our role in this country has come to an end. According to Jean, due to the civil war and the misdeeds of Mushym’s faction, the country’s finances are stretched thin, and staying here is not profitable. So, he said, that we should move to a more profitable country.

“I’m sorry, the Iron Knights have done us a great favor, and I wish I could thank them more, but with the current financial state of our country……”

Yudin, who is now the king, says so apologetically.

“I got paid for my services as a mercenary, no problem.”

We had received the promised fee and wanted nothing more, but Yudin still had two rewards for us.

“You want me to have Viktor? No, that’s the national treasure of the country. I can’t take it.”

“It’s a shame to leave it on display as an antique in the royal palace, and having a connection like this will give you a reason to come running in the event of a national emergency.”

Yudin is also a surprisingly shrewd guy. The bottom line is that he’s going to leave Viktor in my care, and if the country is in danger, I’m going to help him.

“All right, I’ll take it.”

“Thank you, and one more thing, the other day I received from the Ladle Company a state-of-the-art ride carrier that Mushym had purchased in secret, and I was having trouble returning it because it was already paid for, so I was wondering if you could accept it.”

“A state-of-the-art ride carrier! What is that?”

Jean snapped.

“I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard that it’s a battleship-type ride carrier with six auto-loading ballistae, and it can carry up to fifteen magicrafts.”

“Oh…that’s awesome! Okay, we’ll take it!”

“No, Jean, we can’t take something that expensive. Considering the financial situation of this country, I think it’s better to sell it for money.”

“No, if we sell it after it was used, it will be bought at a discount, and since this ride carrier is quite fast, we consider it an upfront investment to have you rush to us quickly in the event of a national emergency.”

Yudin emphasizes the need for help when something happens to the country……That was something that stuck out to me, but the subsequent conversation with Linnecarlo made it all make sense.

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