I was sold at the lowest price C112

I was sold at the lowest price C112

Episode 112 Extra Rewards


Before I left the Kingdom of Meltaria, I tried to visit Linnecarlo to say goodbye to her, but she came to me first.

“I’ve prepared a bonus for the Iron Knights better-than-expected performance.”

“How dare you offer me a bonus when you have no money?”

“I admit I’m short of money, but my bonus is not money.”

“What is it then?”

“Talent and the best rider.”

“……Who’s the best rider?”

I had a really bad feeling about this, so I asked her.

“Of course I’m the best rider.”

“What?! Are you saying that you’ll join the Iron Knights?”

“That’s right, I’ll join you. With this, the Iron Knights will become an invincible mercenary group.”

“The country has lost a lot of strength because of the recent turmoil, don’t you think it would be a problem if you were to disappear?”

“The only thing we lost were our magicrafts, the human casualties were much less than we expected. Besides, the Kingdom of Meltaria and the Iron Knights have a defense contract, so we’ll be there in case of emergency, don’t worry about it.”

“What defense contract? I’ve never heard of it.”

“It’s true, I just told you for the first time.”

“First time is……Jean, don’t be quiet, say something.”

Unusually, Jean was listening to this in silence, so I talked to him.

“I was just thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of having Linnecarlo join. The market value of a Quadruple Highlander is unimaginably high, so if you think about it, the benefits of her joining may be greater than the downsides.”

“I’d like to know what disadvantages equal the benefits of that unimaginably high value.”

“Well, leaving that aside, it’s a defense contract, so we can expect regular payments, right?”

“Hmm, of course, Yudin has promised to pay us 100 million a year, even if we do nothing.”

“Hoho, then there is no reason to refuse the defense contract. As for Linnecarlo’s joining, Yuta, you decide.”

“What? Me? Hmm, yes, it is indeed reassuring if Linnecarlo joins, but….”

I’m not sure what to say, but I think it’s a good idea to have a strong colleague.

“Okay, Linnecarlo, let’s work together in the Iron Knights.”

When I said that, Linnecarlo’s expression, which had been stout but somehow a little anxious, brightened.

“I don’t know why you’re bothering me, besides, as a bonus, Arthur says he’s coming with me, but it doesn’t really matter.”

“Will Arthur join the Iron Knights?”

“He’s a Highlander. He could be a little bit useful.”

Well, he’s easier to use than Linnecarlo, isn’t he?

“Okay, I’ll take care of Arthur, too. The hangar of the ride carrier Yudin gave me is huge, so there’s plenty of room.”

This is how Linnecarlo and Arthur officially joined the Iron Knights. There is no doubt that our strength has increased considerably and we will be able to take on big jobs.

However, the increased number of magicrafts of the Iron Knights caused a fierce protest from one of the members.

“Enough! I’ve reached my limit! If you don’t get me more mechanics ASAP, I won’t do any maintenance or repairs!”

The mechanic Liza’s wail of grief was felt by the quicksilver Jean.

“All right, Liza. Our next destination is the commercial city of Baranuca, where we’re going to recruit mechanics and ride carrier crew, so don’t worry.”

The crew of the ride carrier had to be recruited because it was now a large battleship-type vessel, and it was impossible for Jean to move it alone.

“Well……we need three mechanics.”

“All right, I’ll recruit three, but I don’t know if we can find any good ones. You’ll have to interview them yourself to find out. I don’t have the ability to tell a good mechanic from a bad one.”

I’ve been feeling sorry for Liza too, so I like the idea of having more mechanics.

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