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I was sold at the lowest price C113

Episode 113 The Lost Land of Diable / Yuki


The survey team of the Great Sage’s shrine was headed for it in a recently built battleship-type ride carrier. It was a large ship capable of storing twenty magicrafts, which seemed like overkill for a mere survey.

“Yuki, I can see it, that’s the lost land of Diable.”

Mary tells me so. The place has a mysterious atmosphere that perfectly fits the term “lost land,” and it is clearly an unusual location.

“It looks like we’re going to find some kind of monsters.”

“Giant beasts, they’re not around now, but I’m kind of hoping for a romantic encounter with a surviving ancient creature.”

One of the scholars who was reading some kind of book didn’t like Mary’s words and reacted with a cold tone.

“It would be a shame if you wished for the appearance of a giant beast for the sake of such romance. You don’t seem to understand what giant beasts were.”

Perhaps she didn’t like the way he said it, but Mary quickly replied, “I don’t know but perhaps you can explain it to me, Doctor Brule.”

The person Mary called Dr. Brule was the chief scientist for this investigation. Dr. Brule was a woman not much older than us, and at such a young age she was considered one of the best archaeologists in the Empire.

“Do you know why the magicrafts were created in the first place?”

“Well, it’s to win wars.”

“You don’t need to make a machine that big if you’re going to fight humans.”

“Wait a minute, are you saying that people created the magicrafts to fight giant beasts?”

“That’s my theory, but I think it’s very possible. And if you think about it, why did the giant beasts perish?……I believe that they perished because they lost the battle against the magicrafts.”

“If that’s the case, then why should we be afraid of the giant beasts at all? We have the magicrafts that defeated the giant beasts.”

“You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? You have no idea how strong they were.”

“No, I can’t even imagine, so please explain.”

“The people of the time when magicrafts were created somehow had a much higher average Ludia value than today. According to one of the old documents, there were many magic machines with a startup Ludia value of over 100,000.

“A start-up Ludia value of 100,000 must be some kind of mistake…….”

“I don’t know, but if that’s true, then the giant beasts are the ones that the riders with over 100,000 Ludia values risked their lives to fight.”

A rider with more than 100,000……the highest Ludia value I know of is Yuto’s 57,000, I can’t imagine a rider with twice that value.

“But that’s all hypothetical, isn’t it, Doctor? I don’t believe in a 100,000 Ludia value.”

“It doesn’t matter so much whether you believe it or not, it’s about how you riders who are supposed to protect us will do if the giant beasts are actually that powerful.”

I guess what the doctor was trying to say was that we should be on our guard and do our duty as guards. Mary didn’t argue with him, as she understood that.

The first step in our investigation of the Shrine of the Great Sage was to look around Diable, searching for any place of interest.

“What kind of place is the Shrine of the Great Sage? I don’t know what to look for.”

Enrique said this as he looked out from the bridge. It’s true that when I look at the scenery like this, it’s all the same and I don’t even know what to look for.

“Leave that to us scholars. It’s one of the abilities of an archaeologist to recognize the parts where there is a human will.”

The site was found earlier than expected. When Dr. Brule discovered it, she hurriedly gave the following instructions.

“Stop the ride carrier at that rocky area over there, yes, that area!”

To the untrained eye, I couldn’t see what was different about that spot, but seeing Dr. Brule’s excitement, I was getting a little nervous too, thinking it was an extraordinarily big discovery.

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    Mary didn’t argue with him, as she understood that. -> Mary didn’t argue with her, as she understood that.

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