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I was sold at the lowest price C114

Episode 114 Feri’s Moving


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When I left the Kingdom of Meltaria, I invited my classmate, Mamoru Mikage, to join the Iron Knights but his reply was, “I’m not sure I can keep up with the level of Yuta and his team.”

I wonder if the previous battle traumatized him.

Perhaps it was because his sister Linnecarlo had also joined us, but when we left the Kingdom of Meltaria, Yudin gave us a grand send-off. I thought that it was a waste of money at a time when the country was in financial difficulties, but I was glad that he wanted to send her off.

“Liza, what do you think, can we do some core maintenance on Viktor?”

On the way to the commercial city of Baranuca, I used the travel time to have Liza take a look at Viktor, which was having problems due to the deterioration of its core.

“Even I can’t deal with core problems, because it’s impossible for today’s engineers to tamper with cores in the first place.”

“……Feri, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can fix it.”

When I say this, Feri Rudia, the AI on board Viktor, answers me.

“I understand that the core is beyond repair due to the absence of the core engineer. Then, in order to prevent further wear and tear, I will put Viktor into hibernation mode until we find a core engineer.”

When Liza hears the voice, she is startled and jumps out of Viktor.

“What the hell was that?”

“It’s Feri, Viktor’s AI.”

“What AI? Who’s Feri? Why would a magicraft talk?”

The word “AI” may sound familiar to people on Earth today, but apparently it is unfamiliar to people here.

“Well, how can I explain it, an artificially created being, I mean…….”

Liza seemed convinced when I said that.

“I see. It’s like a homunculus.”

I don’t know what a homunculus is, but I didn’t ask too deeply. ”

‘Um, Feri, don’t you know anything about cores? If you tell me, I might be able to fix it for you.”

“I’m afraid it’s impossible to maintain the core with only my knowledge.”

“Oh, I see……So what do we do now, what happens to you when Viktor goes into hibernation?”

“I have no direct connection to Viktor’s Ludia core, so I can operate on my own.”

“Does that mean I can move you to another magicraft?”

“Yes, it’s possible to support you on another magicraft.”

“What do you say, Yuta, it looks like Viktor will be useless, and since it looks like fun, why don’t we try transplanting Feri into Arleo?”

“You can do that? Yes, Feri is useful in many ways, so if it is possible, will you do it?”

“Feri, can you tell me where your body is and how to get there?”

“Okay, I’ll explain.”

Then Feri and Liza proceeded with their work, mumbling something to each other.

“It’s done, Yuta. Come on, try out Arleo.”

I did as Liza asked and boarded Arleo.

“Feri, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Master, I can hear you.”

“How does Arleo compare to Viktor?”

“I’m sorry to say that its performance is about 80% inferior to that of Viktor. However, there seems to be a control limiter attached to the core, so if we can remove it, we can expect a slight improvement in performance.”

“Can you disable it?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Then deactivate it.”

“Yes, sir. Accessing the Ludia core, turning off the control limiter.”

A dull roaring sound was heard.

“The control limiter has been removed. We’re seeing a 50% improvement in performance over what we had before the limiter was removed.”

“1.5 times stronger? That’s great.”

“But it’s still only 30% as powerful as Viktor.”

“Well, I heard it’s a legendary aircraft, so it’s different.”

During this conversation with Feri, Liza, who was talking to someone on the ship’s internal communication, cut the communication and said loudly.

“Hey, Yuta, Jean wants us both to go to the bridge.”

“All right, I’ll be right down.”

I wonder what happened.

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