I was sold at the lowest price C116

I was sold at the lowest price C116

Episode 116 The Commercial City of Baranuca


“Okay, we’ve arrived at the commercial city of Baranuca. Everyone, gather in the meeting room because I have something for you!”

When Jean told us to gather, we were somehow made to line up in a row.

“What are you doing, Jean?”

“The commercial city of Baranuca is a city of commerce, a city of all things, a city where every individual has something they want, but! But whatever you want to buy, you’ll need money. I’m going to give you all an allowance now, so you can shop to your heart’s content!”

Oh, Jean is also very thoughtful.

The allowance given to us was 10,000 gold each. I don’t know how much it is, since I’m still not familiar with this world’s sense of money.

“Hey, Jean, isn’t this too little to go on a shopping spree?”

“Yes, with 10,000 we can buy one outfit and that’s it.”

Alana and Linnecarlo complain about the amount of their allowance.

“I’m going to have to hire a ride carrier crew and mechanics, I can’t afford to spend that much money!”

“This is enough for Nanami, she can’t even spend 10,000.”

“I don’t even know what to buy…….”

“I’m just happy to get some……spending money.”

Nanami, Farma, and Lorgo seem satisfied. In addition, Emina was moved to tears for some reason.

“Ugh ……I’m in so much debt, I can’t even believe you’re giving me this…….”

It seems that using the allowance to run back to her country is not an option for her……

“Oh, yes, you can spend your allowance at a moment’s notice, but we’re going to stay in Baranuca for about a week to look for mechanics and hire a crew. You’d better think a bit before you spend too much on the first day so you don’t get in trouble later.”

Alana and the others pressed him to give them a little more, but he brushed them off, saying that he was very serious about money and that he would never do that.

“I don’t blame you, Yuta. You can go shopping with us.”

“Linnecarlo, Yuta is going shopping with Nanami.”

“Hey, what are you doing, Yuta is going on a date with me.”

Linnecarlo, Nanami and Alana started to squabble. I thought, “Why don’t we all go together?” I tried to stop the struggle, and surprisingly, Jean did just that.

“All three of you, I’m sorry, but Yuta has business with me today. Since we’re going to be here for a week, why don’t you and Yuta go shopping in a certain order on different days?”

Jean’s proposal was adopted, and now they began to struggle over the order of events.

“Jean, what do you want with me?”

“First, I’ll go to the Workers Guild to post a job offer. After that, we’ll go to the city’s magicraft repair shops and look for mechanics.”

“Why do you need me for that?”

“Of course I’m taking Liza with me, but you, on the other hand, are just coming to have your Ludia value measured.”

“You didn’t give up yet?”

“Of course not. If it’s Baranuca, they’d have the latest measuring equipment.”

On the first day in Baranuca, Jean, Liza and I decided to go out in the town. It’s rare for me to go out with Liza, so it’s going to be a bit awkward. I wish Alana was here, but she went off somewhere with Linnecarlo and Emina. Also, Nanami, Farma, and Lorgo seem to be going shopping with Arthur as their guardian.

We immediately headed to a facility called the Workers Guild to post a job offer.

“What’s the Workers Guild?”

“It’s a job agency. People who want jobs come here.”

“So why don’t we just recruit mechanics here?”

“Of course we can, but the magicraft mechanic is a special technical position, so it’s hard to get people even in the Workers’ Guild.”

“That’s why Liza’s presence is so valuable.”

When I say that, Liza says with a bit of pride.

“You’re too late to notice! Alana-sama is the reason I’m in the Iron Knights, so you should be very grateful to her.”

I chuckled at that statement, but like Alana and Liza, the Iron Knights are really blessed with talent.

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