I was sold at the lowest price C117

I was sold at the lowest price C117

Episode 117 Impossible to Measure


Chapters 117, 118 and 119 we’re sponsored by PhantomF. Thank you for the support.

The Workers Guild is a large building with a wide variety of people coming and going. We went to the reception desk and asked about the procedure for submitting a job offer.

“There is a counter for job applications on the floor above, so please fill out the form and submit it there.”

Apparently, the entire first floor is a counter for people looking for jobs. We did as we were told and went up to the upper floor.

“I’d like to post a job offer, is this the right counter?”

When Jean asked this, a middle-aged woman who had been bored hurried to respond. Apparently, there are a lot of people looking for jobs, but not so many companies offering them.

“Yes, that’s right, please fill out that form and submit it.”

Jean did as he was told, picked up the form, took a quick look at the contents, and quickly filled it out with great speed.

“Here, let me see if I got this right.”

“Yes, I can confirm that…….The job description is ride carrier crew and pilot, and magicraft mechanic, there are no specific requirements for the crew, pilot must have at least 1500 Ludia, and mechanic must have at least 3 years of work experience…….The salary is 700 gold a month for the crew, 20,000 gold for the pilot, and 30,000 gold for the mechanic. The notes say that they get food and shelter, a possible bonus, a survivor’s allowance, and a survivor’s pension of 100,000 gold in the event of death…….So it’s a dangerous job if there’s a death expectancy.”

TL Note: Survivor’s pension is for the deceased family members.

“Yes, it’s a dangerous job, being in the business of fighting on the battlefield.”

“Okay, I’ll register you as risk level A.”

“How long do you think it will take to finish recruiting?”

“We’re looking for ten crew members, one pilot, and three mechanics. If it’s not mechanics, I’m sure we’ll get quite a few applicants in three days…….”

“Is it difficult to be a mechanic?”

“Yes, there’s a shortage of magicrafts mechanics everywhere, so it’s a very popular industry.”

“Is 30,000 cheap?”

“Well, if you’re looking for a good mechanic, you might want to double that offer.”

“Then change it to 50,000.”

“All right, the mechanic’s salary has been changed to 50,000…….”

“I’ll see you in three days.”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Now we’re done hiring, but it still seems to be difficult to recruit mechanics. I pity Liza, who was listening behind me, her face twitching.

“Okay, the job offer is over, so let’s get right to measuring Yuta.”

“I really don’t care what you think……”

Ignoring my intentions, Jean looked up a facility that could measure the Ludia value and headed there.

“Who’s going to get measured?”

“That’s him. I need results as soon as possible.”

“Get on the table, please.”

I did as I was told and climbed onto the round platform.

“Yes, breathe in……and exhale slowly……yes! Hold your breath there!”

The measurement technician was upset as he looked at a piece of equipment.


“What’s wrong? How old are you?”

“Sorry, I can’t get the numbers……”

“Hey, isn’t your measuring machine old?”

“What are you talking about? This machine is the latest model, capable of measuring up to 100,000.”

The latest model that can measure up to 100,000, that’s what they said when I was measured before.

“Jean, I’ve been told the same thing before, that they have the latest machines that can measure up to 100,000, and they said my Ludia value was 2.”

“Yuta’s from Earth, so the first place he was measured was at the Radol summoning station! You’re right, there’s nothing that can surpass the measuring machine over there…….”

Jean finally seemed to be convinced that it was impossible to measure my Ludia value, but the measurement technician said something else.

“Hmmm……it’s true that there’s no measuring device anywhere that can surpass the one at the Radol summoning station, but I can think of one person who has a measuring device that may possibly surpass it.”

“What?! Who?”

“He is an eccentric old man who lives on the outskirts of Baranuca. The old man had told our city’s measurement technician to tell anyone who couldn’t measure their Ludia with this machine to go to him, but I never thought such a person would actually show up…….”

“Okay, Yuta, there you go!”

Jean got the detailed location of the old man from the technician. You’re really going to……get a map drawn for you, aren’t you?

TL thoughts: As I was translating this chapter I thought that Viktor AI, Feri, might know it’s activation value. This might give them a clue to how high Yuta Ludia’s value is.

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    Huh, so that was still no good… Oh well… At least now it’s certain that his Ludia Value is bigger than 100,000. Previous chapters were just them speculating that it’s somewhere near or exactly 100,000 after all…
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