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I was sold at the lowest price C119

I was sold at the lowest price C119: Ludia Value 2


Strangely enough, I was able to breathe even when the capsule was completely filled with water. When I looked out from the capsule, I saw Rafishal crunching some kind of machine, a machine with many round clock-like instruments.

Suddenly he shouted.

“Yes! We’ve got the measurements.”

Jean hurriedly asked about the results.

“So what’s Yuta’s Ludia value?”

“Wait, first we have to get Yuta out of the capsule.”

He’s right, even if I could breathe, it wouldn’t feel very good to be trapped in a place like this. As soon as I was taken out of the capsule, I quickly put on my clothes. Liza, who had been kicked out, was also called in, and Obi-Wan made us some tea.

As we sat down at a large table and settled down with a cup of tea, Jean suddenly raised his voice.

“So what’s Yuta’s Ludia value?”

That’s right, Obi-Wan’s tea was so good that I forgot to get to the point. Rafishal says to Jean as he looks at a piece of paper with some results on it.

“You impatient bastard, the instruments are from an ancient civilization, I’m recalculating them to modern values, wait a minute.”

“I don’t care what you’re doing, just hurry up, I’m curious.”

Ignoring Jean’s words, Rafishal calculations continued. And the result he gave after waiting for about three minutes was……

“Hmmm……it’s still 2, no matter how many times I calculate it…….”

“See, it’s still 2. I’ve told you so many times, but you don’t believe me.”

I said this as I was proud of my victory after hearing Rafishal results, but Jean still didn’t believe it.

“I don’t think you did the math right. This is a guy who can easily activate a magicraft that is the national treasure of the Kingdom of Meltaria, and a magicraft that even Triple Highlanders can’t move, there’s no way he has a Ludia value of 2!”

Not really interested in what Jean had to say, Rafishal retorted.

“Who said anything about Ludia value 2? Yuta is, you know, dimension class 2.”

“What’s a dimension class?”

“It’s a classification of potential values as defined by ancient civilizations, class 2 being second from the top.”

“What, number two? I thought you were the best because you’re Yuta.”

“That perception is wrong. It’s just a definition. There is no such thing as class one, even in ancient civilizations.”

“I don’t care what you say, but in the end, what is Yuta’s Ludia value?”

“The Ludia value doesn’t mean much when it fluctuates, but the Ludia value measuring machine currently in use only measures a portion of the potential value and averages it out, so it doesn’t measure the potential value…….Well, it can be used as a guide.”

“No! I won’t be able to sleep at this rate!”

Jean clung to Rafishal and pleaded with him.

“Okay, calm down, the Ludia value for Class 2 is around one to two million.”

TL Note: I didn’t see this coming. I thought he was around 300-500k.

“I was surprised too, but Yuta here is a veritable monster. The actual best class in ancient civilizations is 3. I may seem calm, but I’m incredibly excited right now!”

One million….. It still didn’t feel right to hear that. Perhaps it is because I have an aversion to judging people based on numbers, but I am not happy that my numbers are high.

“Jean, are you satisfied now? We’ve got other things to do, so let’s get going.”

“What are you talking about, Yuta? You should be more excited! Your Ludia value is over a million!”

“I’ve been telling you for a while, I’m not interested in numbers. I can operate magicrafts to protect my friends, and that fact alone is enough.”

“Well, it’s just like Yuta to say it like that, but more importantly, can we finish our plans for today here?”

“Don’t we need to look around the magicrafts maintenance workshop center to find a mechanic?”

“There are two excellent mechanics here.”

It’s true that Rafishal and Obi-Wan are the ones that Liza would agree with.

“Rafishal and Obi-Wan, how would you like to be mechanics for our magicrafts?”

Jean cut to the chase.

“Mechanic, yes, but on one condition.

“What? I’ll consider any salary you want.”

“I need you to lend me Yuta for a while.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“No way! What do you mean, lend me out?”

“Class 2 dedicated magicraft……I want to build it, and I need you to help me get the data for it and test it.”

“Whoa, I mean, Rafishal, can you build a magicraft from scratch?”

“Yes, I can.”

Jean and Liza are deeply surprised by Rafishal’s simple answer. Liza asks with a surprised look on her face.

“What about the……Ludia core?”

“Of course we will create the Ludia core from scratch.”

“What do you mean by creating a Ludia core…..Rafishal, who exactly are you?”

Obi-Wan heard this and gave us a hint.

“Master’s name is Rafishal, haven’t you heard of him?”

When he said that, Jean huffed and remembered something.

“No way…….It’s a name from mythology…….Rafishal the Great Sage……the first person to build a magicraft.”

Mythology is……The first thing I thought when I heard that was, how old is Rafishal anyway?

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  1. PhantomF

    Maybe we gonna see ultra op magicraft like turn a or something, well if others people around the world has 100,000 average in the past 1-2M certainly make him a walking fusion reactor compare to others are combustion engine, aka practically limitless power. Viktor has activation value about 200,000 that only 10% and he can obliterate entire legion of magicraft. With newer machine in future certain make him a monster or maybe destroyer of the world.

  2. Bi Cu

    Did anyone notice that Yuta didn’t have a last name in the first place? Most Japanese people have a surname, isn’t that strange?

  3. laharl8080

    pfft, too high..
    i wonder how emima wilk react since she is from empire and their former enemy..

    So Vicktor will be Repaired and if got Aether he can something Nova (the move defeat 1000 enemy9

  4. Somehow I got an idea about the future magicraft / robots of Yuta, I mean combining Arleo (after the limiter is disabled) and Victor into a new magicraft / robots in the future chapters.

  5. NakraL

    Oooh Lore Drop!
    Also… I only expected his value to be somewhere around 200,000. His actual value is 5x my guess wtf
    Thanks for the chapter ~

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