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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C45

C45: Swimming in Gold (7)


“Well, well, well…….Looks like we’ve been had.”

“Oh my……we got eaten……”

The millennial whale swallowed me and Nono into its stomach. We succeeded in killing the Demon Kraken with the Sea Dragon Slayer, but the cost was too heavy.

“Escape is going to be……difficult.”

I tried to activate the transference magic, but the magic itself did not work. Sometimes, in places with special wards, sanctuaries, caves and other places where the magic in the air was strong, it was often impossible to transfer oneself. It seems that the whale’s magic power is too great and blocks my transfer magic while I’m in its body.

“It’s going to be difficult to get through its body with 【The Thief】…….It looks like we’re doomed.”

In the meantime, I cast an auxiliary spell to protect myself, Nana, and the ship. This would avoid the worst possible bad ending of being dissolved by stomach acid.

“Ugh, I feel so bad for my mother and the ancestors…….I was swallowed without tasting the millennial whale…….”

“Ah……I know you’re in shock, but can we just figure out a way out of this?”


Nono’s cat-ears and tail are hanging limp. While patting the depressed captain on the head, Kagehiko observed his surroundings. With a body as huge as an island, the stomach of the millennial whale was about the size of a small lake. There were abandoned ships with broken masts, the bones of demons, and even large boulders floating around. Kagehiko clasped his hands together as he spotted the skeleton of a sailor among the wreckage of the ships.

“Let’s give it a try for now.”

4th rank magic [Flame Heat Formation].

A huge mass of flame released from Kagehiko’s hand burned the stomach of the millennial whale from the inside. However, the flames were quickly extinguished by the mucus inside the stomach wall, and not a single burning mark was made.

“Hmm, looks like we’re not going to get out of here by force. If that’s the case……”

“Nya! Kagehiko, look at that!”

Nono, who had been feeling dejected, suddenly shouted. She leaned out of the boat and looked in the direction she was pointing, and Kagehiko’s eyes widened as well.

“Is that the light from a……lamp?”

“I’m sure of it!”

There were lights swaying in the distance. I moved the boat closer and saw a fishing boat with a lamp strapped to the mast. The boat was the same size as the one Kagehiko was on, but it was damaged in many places. It had probably been damaged when the whale swallowed it.

“How come you’re fine in the gastric juice? Is it some kind of magic item?”

“Nah, it’s an old ship. It’s over a hundred years old.”

The door to the cabin opened with a bang, as if whoever was inside heard Kagehiko and the others talking. It was a beastly woman with cat ears like Nono’s who stepped out in front of Kagehiko.

“Hey, who’s here again?”

“Nya! Mother?”


Nono shouted when she saw the beastman woman. She jumped onto the boat the woman came out of and plunged into the chest of the woman she called mother.

“Mom! Are you alright?”

“Hello! Is it Nono? You’ve been swallowed by……!”

Apparently, it was definitely her mother. The beast woman hugged Nono’s body and shed tears.

“So that’s the mother who was swallowed by the whale a few years ago. I’m glad you’re okay…….”

As he watched the touching meeting between mother and daughter, Kagehiko sighed in admiration. He hadn’t expected someone to survive for so many years in the stomach of a millennial whale. She had an amazing life force. But the surprise wasn’t over yet.

“Hey, who’s here?”

“Oh, there’s a new kid!”

“I never thought I’d see my granddaughter again!”

The beastmen come out of the cabin in a row. All of the beastmen with cat-ears and tails look exactly like Nono.

“Uh……what’s this?”

When Kagehiko saw the group of five Nekomimi women, including Nono, his face twitched and he looked up to the ceiling.

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