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I was sold at the lowest price C120: The Great Sage’s Shrine / Yuki


“This rocky area clearly shows signs of having been artificially altered.”

Dr. Brule said, wandering around the area where several rocks were piled up. She gave some instructions to the other two doctors and began to examine the area.

“Yuki, I’ll make sure the doctors are safe during their investigation. Let’s use our magicrafts to search the area.”

With Mary’s words, the riders of the escort immediately began preparations and launched their magicrafts. Leaving the three here, the other magic machines scattered to search the area.

While I was going around in Elvira, keeping an eye on the area for a while, I received a transmission from the Horcrux.

“Yuki, I think the doctors have found something. We’re going to need your help so come back.”

Mary told me to go back to the site the doctors were examining. All the magicrafts were back and I wondered what we were going to do…….

“There’s something under this rock, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to use your magicrafts to get rid of all these rocks.”

There are countless rocks the size of magicrafts piled up. This is going to be a lot of work.

After a couple of hours of work, the thing that had been buried under the rock came into view.

“There it is! I’m sure of it! It’s the remains of an ancient civilization.”

What appeared to be a black stone monument, obviously man-made, with some kind of writing on it. Dr. Brule deciphers it, looking at some kind of note.

“The fourth stone monument……I see, the connecting point is the Great Sage’s…….”

After babbling and deciphering a few words, she called the other two doctors and started talking about something again. By the time they came to a conclusion, it was already dark.

“Dr. Brule, what’s written on that stone monument?”

Mary asked numbly.

“Let’s talk about that back at the ride carrier.”

It was getting dark and we couldn’t investigate anymore, so we decided to head back to the ride carrier. In the meeting room of the ride carrier, we were informed of the future course of investigation.

“The monument said that there were three other monuments. It also said that the entrance to the shrine of the Great Sage was located at the place indicated by the fourth stone monument.”

“Still have to look for three more, that’s a lot of work.”

Enrique said with a hint of annoyance as he drank something.

“As for the remaining three monuments, I can guess their approximate locations. We’ll search that area tomorrow.”

From what was written on the monument, it seemed that we could predict the approximate location of the other monuments, which would save us a lot of time rather than having to search everywhere.

“Dr. Brule, do you believe that the Great Sage really rests in the shrine of the Great Sage?”

Mary asked during the meal.

“I’ve been researching the shrine of the Great Sage for ten years, and all the literature says is that there is something in the shrine of the Great Sage. But that’s why I’m so excited, I’m going to find out for myself what’s there and if the Great Sage is really sleeping there.”

“I hope it’s the Great Sage who’s asleep, but I wouldn’t be too happy if a bunch of giant beasts and other ridiculous monsters showed up.”

“It’s quite possible that giant beasts will come out of the Great Sage’s shrine.”

A giant beast that riders with 100,000 Ludia values might have fought, can I win against such a being……

The next day we searched the predicted points at a good tempo and found the stone monuments one after another. As expected of Dr. Brule, she found the location of the monument with a great deal of accuracy, even though she didn’t know what to expect.

“This is the last of the stone monuments…….Hmmm…is the shrine of the Great Sage still in that area?”

When she found the last stone monument, Dr. Brule seemed to have come to some conclusion.

“Have you identified it, Dr. Brule?”

“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

The place where Dr. Brule led us was a large lake in the middle of the forest.

“This is the entrance to the shrine of the Great Sage.”

“Is there an entrance in the lake?”

“I don’t know, we’ll have to find out. Let’s just dive in.”

After saying that, Dr. Brule took off her clothes. I hurriedly covered her with Elvira’s hands.

“Thank you, Yuki, but there’s no need to hide.”

She took off her clothes but underneath she was already wearing a swimsuit.

“I already changed in the ride carrier because I knew we were going to the lake, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

Dr. Brule said, and walked into the lake. After a while she came back and gave these instructions.

“There’s a large weir in the lake, use the magicrafts to dive down and remove it.”

“All right, I’ll go, wait for me.”

Enrique said, and entered the lake with his magicraft. As soon as Enrique entered the lake, a sound like a gurgling……roar began to echo, and a vortex was created in the center of the lake. Then Enrique emerged from the raging lake.

“Holy crap, the lake is starting to break in half!”

It was soon proven that these words were not an exaggeration. The lake began to split in two, as we could see from the outside.

“I found it, the shrine of the Great Sage Rafishal……”

Dr. Brule muttered to herself as she looked at the lake that split in two.

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