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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C3

C3: Magic Disparity


“Well, let’s leave it at that, Master Chris, over here.”

Yulis gives me a ring with a small gemstone that is light blue like turquoise and has no sparkle, but is beautiful at first sight.

“Master Chris. This is the treasure of the Viscount Dreschord.”

“This is our treasure?”

As I recall, after the investiture ceremony, the treasure was supposed to be handed over, so I received it without worrying about it. Each nobleman has one treasure, and if a member of the nobleman’s bloodline possesses it, that treasure will give them magic. It is a fantasy tool that reaffirms that I am in a different world after all. But it was so easy to take over that I had my doubts.

“Is it really this easy to take over? What about father?”

“He said he was too tired to leave the house, so I went to him while Master Chris was at the investiture ceremony.”

My father had always been lazy, but I was stunned that he didn’t show up for this important, once-in-a-lifetime event. Should I take it as a sign of trust……?

“I’ll tell you what the Master said [Leave it to Yulis and you’ll be fine. Don’t go against Yulis.]”

His trust in Yulis…How much of your territory did you leave to Yulis? She’s just a maid, you know! It’s true that we can’t do without her, but… As my father said, I have no choice but to obey Yulis.

“I took your words to heart. Will you support me as a lord from now on?”

“No I know it’s sudden but….No, it’s because of Chris…”

Suddenly, Yulis turned bright red and began to writhe. It’s both cute and scary……to see Yulis in a way I don’t usually see. I feel like I’m giving her the wrong idea, but it’s funny, so I’ll leave it at that.

Magic! I’ve been tortured by Yulis ever since I was reincarnated, and I haven’t been able to enjoy the other world. I definitely want to use some magic!

“How can I use magic?”

I waited for the redness in Yulis face to recede, and when it did, I asked her. She answered nonchalantly, not caring about my condition.

“The treasure of the Dreschord family can create stones of all shapes and sizes. My predecessor told me that if you imagine what kind of stone you want and wish it on your ring, you can create it.”

I immediately followed Yulis’ advice and put it into practice.

(I want the stone to be about 10 cm on all sides!)

I imagined a cubic stone and wished for it. Suddenly, the ring began to glow and the stone appeared in front of me, just as I had imagined.

Oh, my God! That’s some good magic! If I can send giant rocks flying, I can take out any army I face! I’ll use this magic to survive, retire from my position as lord, and live a slow life!

The joy of being able to use magic and seeing the light in the future naturally made me smile.

“You seem pleased, but it’s not much of an ability. The stone is only within your reach, and it’s only about a meter in size.”

“Seriously? But I can create a certain number of them at once right? And also gems and ores?”

“I don’t know how many because the heavier the weight and the more of them you create, the more tired your body will be. Besides, the more gems and ores you can produce, the more prosperous this territory will be.”

Huh? I can’t use this at all.

“Then what did father use it for?”

“Didn’t you feel that our territory was only magnificent in terms of its roads? They were built with stones created by your father’s magic, day in and day out. But I’ve never seen them used for anything else.”

I can’t use it. It’s not like this is otherworldly magic…….

“Is this the only kind of magic the nobles have?”

I asked fearfully, not wanting to become disillusioned with the magic of another world. ”

‘Well, most of the nobles are like that, but the magic of the nobles around our house is amazing. The Marquis of Alcala can create strong winds at will and is undefeated in naval battles. Count of Piazon’s magic of strengthening the five senses makes his army the best in the kingdom. Also, the Duke of Orrard has a magic that can steal the time of any living thing within a fifty meter radius of him.”

Oh, my God! What a bunch of monsters my family is surrounded by! How can I win against them with only my ability to produce rocks!

How am I supposed to keep these monsters from destroying us?

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