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I was sold at the lowest price C122

I was sold at the lowest price C122: To War / Nagisa


With the attack in the sphere of influence of the Eastern Alliance, our safety on the way home is no longer guaranteed. Ranelle has been communicating with the countries of the Eastern Alliance to check on the situation.

“What do you got, Ranelle?”

Ranelle finished her communication and the king asked her about the situation.

“It still seems that none of the countries are aware of the magicraft unit that attacked us…….”

“It’s impossible for them to not know that more than a dozen magicrafts infiltrated their area of influence.”

After Delphine expressed his thoughts on this Jihad did so as well.

“If that’s the case, then one of the countries is lying.”

“As King Emou said, there are countries that betrayed the Eastern Alliance.”

“Damn it, which country is it?”

“I don’t think they’re going to show their tails that easily.”

“I think we should return to Amuria as soon as possible, since there is no guarantee that there won’t be more attacks.”

“Yes, and since the first attack failed, the next one is likely to be on a much larger scale.”

With the utmost caution, we hurried on our way back to Amuria. However, bad predictions often come true, and we found a large enemy force waiting for us just before the border of the Kingdom of Amuria.

“Damn it……50 magicrafts……”

“No national identity mark again, disguised exterior to obscure affiliation…….”

“We couldn’t tell what country’s army they were from just by looking at them, but Ranelle was on to something.”

“No……the enemy made a big mistake…..I figured who they are.”

“What? Who are they?”

“Temira……is betraying the Eastern Alliance, the Holy Nation Temira!”

“It’s the central country of the Eastern Alliance! How can that be…..”

“What other country in the Eastern Alliance can afford fifty magicrafts?”

“That’s true, but there’s always the possibility of reinforcements from other countries.”

“That’s unlikely, the magicrafts are too standardized. Even if they’re disguised, it’s obvious from the outline and the type of weaponry that they’re not a hodgepodge, but rather an organized unit.”

“Ranelle, my daughter is amazing……”

“Don’t be impressed, get ready for battle, Nagisa. Sorry, you’ll have to fight again…….”

“I hate it, but I can’t help it. I’ll do my best.”

“I’ll send a request for reinforcements to Amuria right away, so just hold out until then, and I’ll go out with you this time, so let’s do our best together.”


The four of us who are going out are me, Ranelle, Jihad, and Delphine. We were up against fifty magicrafts, that’s why our strategy was not to annihilate the enemy, but to buy time by consolidating our defenses and wait for reinforcements to arrive.”

“Let’s drop back, protect the ride carrier.”

The enemy noticed our movement and split their forces in two as they approached us. At short range, the magicrafts are much faster than the ride carrier, and the distance between us is quickly closed.

“Jihad! Delphine! Hold off the enemy coming from behind! Nagisa, you and I will intercept the enemy in front!”

At Ranelle’s command, Jihad and Delphine moved to the rear. There were about 20 magicrafts coming from the front, but Ranelle and I prepared ourselves for the oncoming enemies.

My heart was pounding a little at the overwhelming difference in strength. I began to focus my attention to calm my nervousness.

I can see the oncoming enemy moving a little more slowly. I visualize my response to the enemy in my mind. I avoid the first one’s attack and use his strength to break his arm. The second enemy steps forward and attacks my head, but I grab him by the shoulder and swing him around, pushing him down to the ground. The third plane draws its sword and slashes down in a horizontal line, I twist my body to evade it but the fourth magicraft also attacks at this moment.

It was a countermeasure to the enemy that I had imagined in my mind in the blink of an eye, but I had unconsciously executed it. The next thing I knew, there were four enemy magicrafts lying on the ground.

TL Thoughts: I know that it seems like I skipped a paragraph but that’s just the author being lazy. It’s not written how Nagisa defeated enemies’ nr. 3 and 4.

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  1. kenchan223

    God damn, the author is lazy on explaining how she destroyed 4 magicrafts… but maybe in the LN, I would assume that the explanations are fleshed out lol

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