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I was sold at the lowest price C123

I was sold at the lowest price C123: Master / Nagisa


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“Ranelle! There’s too many enemies in the rear! We won’t last for much longer!”

When I heard the transmission from Jihad, I said.

“Ranelle, let me handle this and you go to the rear.”

“Nagisa, even you can’t take on this many……by yourself.”

“Don’t worry, I think I can manage to buy some time, so leave it to me.”

I wasn’t particularly confident, but I said that to reassure Ranelle to go to the rear.

“Okay, but be careful.”

“I know. I don’t want to die, too.”

Despite my concerns, Ranelle went to reinforce the rear.

Seeing that there was one less foe, the enemy army immediately moved to take out the remaining one. The essence of Aikido is to use the power of the opponent. It was easier for me to fight if they attacked aggressively.

While concentrating my attention, I subtly change my standing position. With exquisite positioning, I minimize the number of enemies attacking me and make sure to kill them one by one.

I clutch the shoulder of the enemy magicraft attacking from the right, and swing it around to hit the enemy coming from the left. When the enemy attacked from the front with a spear, I stepped forward to avoid the attack, grabbed the hand holding the spear, pulled it in the direction of the thrust, took the spear, and threw it at the enemy machine that was coming from behind – the spear pierced its body and it fell backwards.

The head of the enemy machine holding the spear was pinned by my arm and I twisted it to destroy it, then I changed the trajectory of the large sword wielded by the enemy magicraft coming from behind with my handwork and sent the head of another enemy machine flying.

I pulled the body of the sword wielding enemy, dragged him down to the ground, and used the recoil from hitting the ground to destroy both of his arms.


With a tremendous shout of enthusiasm, another enemy attacked me with a sword. I avoided it with minimal movement, only changing my standing position slightly, and drew my sword and stabbed him in the neck. The enemy that had been pierced in the neck let out a puff of white smoke and staggered backward, then collapsed.

I could feel the unrest spreading in the enemy army, it seems that the one I just defeated was an important figure. I could see that they we’re losing the will to attack.

I readied my sword and walked toward the enemy, emitting more deadly energy than necessary. They, who had completely lost the will to fight, stepped back.

I further expanded my killing intent – and then let out a loud “Ha!” At the same time, I raised my right foot and stomped it vigorously on the ground, this was a threat. It was not a meaningful action, but it seemed to have an effect on them who lost their will to fight. The enemy panicked and ran away at once.

After confirming that the enemy had completely retreated, I rushed to Ranelle and the others in the rear. There were probably about thirty enemies attacking there, and five enemy magicrafts were lying at the feet of Ranelle and the others.

They seemed to be doing their best to hold on, but the difference in numbers was huge, and it looked like they were going to be overwhelmed at any moment.

As I approached from the side of the enemy unit, I swung my sword sideways and sent the head of one of the enemy magicrafts flying. Perhaps out of anger at having their comrades defeated, the enemies in the vicinity all came toward me at once.

“Nagisa! What happened to the enemies in front?”

Ranelle asked me. I responded while handling the attacks of the enemy magicrafts coming towards me.

“The enemies in front retreated, so we’re fine.”

“That’s what I call half-radar, very reliable.”

Then the four of us stood together to block the enemies. While we were taking our time and not forcing ourselves to eliminate the enemies, about 20 magicrafts rushed in from the Amuria Kingdom side.

“Everybody’s okay? We’re here to help!”

It was Yukiha, who had been guarding the country in our absence.

When the enemy forces saw the reinforcements, they began to retreat, sensing their disadvantage. Seeing this, Jihad tried to pursue them, but Ranelle stopped him.

“Don’t follow them.”

Ranelle was right, it would be dangerous if they were cornered and fought back like crazy. For now, we should be happy that everyone is safe.

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