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I’ve changed my job from Sage to Thief C47

C47: Swimming in Gold (9)


“Have you ever heard of ambergris?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Nono tilted her head at Kagehiko’s words, and the other Nekomimi women had the same question mark floating above their heads. Well, it’s not a common word, so I guess it’s understandable that they don’t know it.

“They live in the ocean, but they breathe through their lungs, not through their gills, just like dogs, cats, and us humans. The whale’s vomit is ambergris.”


The Nekomimi women tilted their heads even more. Apparently, the difference between gill and lung breathing is not common in this world. It’s only natural, since whales are considered to be a type of fish.

“……Well, without going into too much detail, the bottom line is that this thing breathes like a human, and it can burp and vomit.”

Kagehiko activated the 4th rank fire magic “Flame Heat Formation”. It’s the same magic that was released into the stomach walls of the millennium whale earlier and was easily neutralized.

“Nah, that magic didn’t work earlier.”

“That depends on how you use it. I’m going……over here!”

Kagehiko unleashes his magic. Not at the stomach walls of the millennial whale, but at the stomach juices and sea water under the ship. There is enough water in the stomach of the millennial whale to float a ship, but that water is evaporated at once by fire magic.

When water is heated, it vaporizes to become water vapor. The volume ratio of water to vapor is about 1:1700, which means that the volume of water expands 1,700 times when it vaporizes.

The steam created by Kagehiko’s magic filled the whale’s stomach in the blink of an eye.

“My ears hurt!”

“Don’t leave the ship. You’ll die in a steam explosion.”

The area around the ship has been magically warded in advance. If they are inside, they will not die for the time being.

“[Flame Heat Formation]! [Flame Heat Formation]! [Flame Heat Formation]!”

After repeating the magic, there was a change in the situation.



The whale stomach rumbled and the water shook violently as if an earthquake had occurred. It seemed that its stomach, which had swelled up like a balloon, had reached its limit.

“Here it comes! Everybody hold on to the ship!”


As instructed by Kagehiko, the Nekomimi women grab onto the boat. The next moment, it happened.



The millennial whale vomits with a violent burping sound. The contents of his stomach turn upside down and back down his esophagus.

“Third rank magic, [Acceleration]!”

He used his magic to further increase the speed of the ship. The ship with Kagehiko and the others on board shot out of the mouth of the millennial whale with the force of a bullet. The ship flew through the air like an airship, bouncing off the surface of the ocean over and over like a draining stone.



When I looked back, I saw a millennial whale whimpering painfully.

“Breakout Success!”

Kagehiko shouted with a smile and leaned his body against the mast of the boat. It was mid-afternoon when Kagehiko and Nono were swallowed by the whale, but now the sun was rising in the eastern sky.



On the deck of the ship, the Nekomimi women are lying around with their eyes rolling.

“Oh, man, you just saved my life………”

I feel like I’m forgetting something important. Kagehiko bent his mouth into a crooked shape as he watched the sunrise.

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